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This complaint has two aspects:

a. A complaint against HSBC regarding their lack of customer protection when using the on-line HSBC Credit Card (Mastercard) for transactions.

b. A complaint against HSBC regarding their extremely poor staff training, poor customer service and complaints procedure.

An outline of each complaint is as follows:

a. HSBC Credit Card/No On Line Transaction Confirmation. A detailed sequence of events can be provided. In outline:

• I attempted to use my HSBC Credit Card (Mastercard) to purchase a flight using an on line transaction.
• Whilst on the HSBC/Mastercard on-line verification page the transaction ceased and the page went blank with no transaction being completed. There was no subsequent SMS to say the transaction had occurred.
• Believing no transaction had occurred, I then purchased (at an airline office) a flight ticket.
• The next day I was informed I had been charged on my Credit card for the initial on-line transaction (AED 4520.63).
• I contacted the merchant and was refunded the cost of the return flight only (the outward flight had left). However, I lost the cost of the outward flight as the on-line failure was due to HSBC/Mastercard site, and not the merchant’s responsibility.
• I complained to HSBC and requested they refund my loss for the outward flight (AED 2421.33). HSBC Complaint Number KMM5546131V84829L0KM.
• HSBC have refused to take responsibility for the failure of their online system/verification process and reimburse me this financial loss.

b. HSCB Staff Training and Complaints Procedure. The HSBC staff training and complaints procedure is not fit for purpose. Details of all dates/occasions where I have interacted with HSBC (72 days to-date) can be provided seperately. These reflect:

• An inability by HSBC staff to be interested or care about the customer’s complaint; they are disconnected from their customer base.
• A poor standard of staff training; inability to prepare to interact with the customer prior to contacting him.
• A lack of understanding of their own complaints procedures.
• No handover/takeover of a complaint issue between staff within the same department.

In summary, I am complaining that at no time was was I informed that verification had been completed and a financial transaction had occurred on my Credit Card. I believe that HSBC have a duty of care/responsibility to their customers to confirm that every on-line financial transaction has occurred. Customers must have trust in a bank’s on-line capability. Since this situation arose on the HSBC Mastercard verification screen (which is not the merchant’s responsibility) the full responsibility lies with HSBC. As a result, I did not immediately contact either HSBC or the Merchant as I believed the transaction had not occurred; indeed I went out and brought a separate airline ticket. This complaint has not been well dealt with, which is a direct result of their extremely poor uncoordinated customer service process.

May 02, 2017
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  • Gn
      Jun 21, 2017

    Please report this to UAE central bank also...

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