HSBC (UAE) / literally the worst customer service ever received! avoid!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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I have been banking with HSBC UAE for over 18 months. I cannot say anything positive about their service during this time.

I have had several problems including:

- Auto payment set up to automatically deduct the minimum payment for my credit card each month. Surprisingly this never happens and I am subsequently charged 200 dirhams late fee, only for the payment to be automatically taken two days later! I speak to them each month and they confirm this is set up yet each month it always leaves 2 days late. What a con!

- I recently left my company and 3 months later I received a bonus payment from the same company. Instantly 15, 000 dirhams was put on hold on my account and when I asked what this was for I was told I was being charged 10, 000 dirhams for changing employer! I explained I hadn't yet secured a new job and this was simply a bonus payment from my old employer. It took 4 one hour long telephone calls to resolve and several broken promises of them returning my calls. Obviously they in the end accepted they were wrong but of course no compensation to me for the time wasted!

Every month I have a new problem with them, either with them taking money without my authorisation or not taking money they are meant to and then charging me for it.

A lot of my friends bank with ENBD and highly recommend them. I would thoroughly advise you avoid HSBC at all costs and bank elsewhere.

May 11, 2017

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