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HSBC Best Buy / credit card scam

1 OH, United States Review updated:

Consumer beware of best buy-hsbc ccount fraud. It occured to me last night that this has to be a scam and decided to goggle the internet, I am not surprised to find so many of the same complaints. Since late 2008 I have been fighting with this company. Before ever going late while I was at a low interest rate I applied for a "hardship", 0% interest, fixed payment plan until the account is paid off. I was told, they would debt 3 payments (All they could do in advance) from my checking account, to call in the last month and issue 3 more payments (This would be on going). Imagine my surprise in feb 2009, when they called to collect on a late payment, stating my account was never set up after the first 3 payment, they had no record of my authorization to debit 3 additional payments and that I was now off the program. The rep for hsbc stated I could never be put back on the program once I was taken off. They raised my interest rate to 21%, charge $39.00 late fee and $15.00 check fee to take my payment at that time to correct my account (More than once). I have called on a monthly basis trying to get this corrected since march 2009, it is now going into september and nothing has been done. On august 24, 2009 I called hsbc again with a complaint off having $105.42 in late fees and interest added to my account. Every phone call, is answered by an overly friendly customer rep with a middle eastern accent, the calls are not being answered in the u. S. (I asked). I get passed around to different departments, each person wasting time listening to my complaint only to tell me can't help me and need to transfer me again. I estimate I have spent up to 12 hours in phone calls. Last week I was told they would pull the phone record tapes to review the calls I have made to determine where the error has occured. I asked if I would get a written letter as to the finds and I was told absolutely not that someone would be calling me in 2-3 days. No one ever called. When I called yesterday after getting the statement the same cycle began again, transferred after 10 minutes, put on hold 5 times, at 44 minutes (Indicated on my phone) I finally hung up while waiting for someone to come back on the line. This is a scam. This is a company who intentionally defaults accounts to collect late fees and escalates interest rates for profit. I have no idea how to fix this other than to file a complain on every website, the better business bureau and the state attorney general's office. This company needs to be stopped.

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  • Va
      9th of Sep, 2008
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    HSBC Best Buy - Awful service
    HSBC Best Buy
    2323 Sagamore Pkwy S
    United States

    If you buy anything at Best Buy do not apply for their credit cards. I made this mistake TWICE (yes I am an idiot). Best Buy wont do anything for you if you need customer service concerning their credit cards. They refer you to the actual cardholder: HSBC Bank. If you try to call HSBC you will NEVER reach a human being no matter what path you take through their phone menus.

    Pressing, 'Zero' does nothing but, repeat the same useless message you just heard. If you call Best Buy and tell them this, they will give you another number for HSBC. Guess what? You wont reach anyone there either. Pay the card off in full and guess what? They send you another bill for meaningless charges. Pay those off and - you guessed it, they will charge you some piddly sum under $2 in hopes that you wont pay that in time and they can add more.

  • Na
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    they are a pathethic company--tried to pay on line--they will charge you late charges if you pay within 3 days of due date--the lady said "well it's in your contract, but she would waive it this one time for me" I've paid my bill off & hope these crooks are dealt with

  • Be
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    I can't believe that consumers must pay to make payments if they are not within the 3 days before the due date. This should be stopped. When I opened up my Best Buy credit card (the biggest mistake ever) I purchased 5 computers. I was given a $2, 000.000 credit limit, but the computers exceeded $2, 000.00. The salesperson said it was fine that they exceeded the amount and that Best Buy wouldn't do anything if they did. They exceeded something like $200.00 over. I was in arrearage for over 2 years! In spite of making decent sized payments around $65.00 per month, I was never able to catch up with the over amount. I too ended up paying a day before my due date and had to pay an additional $15.00 to pay Best Buy because I did not pay them 3 days before my payment was due. This is a big joke and I'm surprised that our government is letting them get away with this. At the looks of this, I will pay Best Buy for the rest of my life. Not to mention, that one of the computers and monitors were opened and broken! I took them back and Best Buy REFUSED TO ALLOW ME TO RETURN THEM. I told them the box was taped when they gave it to me and I paid for a new tower and monitor. I GOT STUCK WITH A BROKEN COMPUTER THAT GIVES ME A BLUE SCREEN since day one and I had to pay FULL PRICE IN SPITE OF MY COMPLAINTS. I got scammed by this company and even more scammed with this outrageous interest and these payments. I lost some income over this summer and my first payment is late (not 30 days). My bill shows that I owe 3 times the amount, because of the late fee they added. I tried calling and of course get the people from India who keep on repeating the same things over and over. I asked if I could get my payment lowered and she kept referring me to Consumer Credit Counseling at 1-800-388-2227. Each time I call them, they are closed, so I get nowhere. HSBC has no hardship program and customers call in asking for help, all they do is get them deeper and deeper in debt by adding on their late fees and requesting for large amounts of money. I'm fed up with all the money I've paid Best Buy especially since I'm stuck with a broken computer from day one when I paid for a new one. It's amazing how Best Buy can get away with this and no one steps in to put a stop to this. The consumer will have no alternative but to go bankrupt. If a credit counseling steps in, the consumer will still suffer with their credit report, so why even bother? It's time all credit cards start working with their customers especially now when job loss is at an all time high and no one asked for this economy.

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