HSBC Bankcomplaint against hsbc credit card-levied late payment surcharge and name in cibil report

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I recently applied for a car loan from State bank and the bank has rejected my application.
After repeated request the reason given to me was that the CIBIL report indicated that there was an outstanding amount of Rs.16, 332 approx on HSBC credit card vide no [protected] (Oct 2004 - Oct 2006) which was written off in July 2009.
Let me clarify that HSBC was not sending any statement (hard copy or e-statement) inspite of my several request and then i requested bank through their phone banking to cancelled my card after my full outstanding payment but HSBC had levied late payment charges + Financial charges for all my next statements.
Trust me I am going through a mental trauma as I have landed up in position where I have no clue about me being a defaulter in any of the banks.
I seek justice to get my name removed from the defaulter list with an immediate effect.
If HSBC is not willing to give me further clarifications on this outstanding amount, I am ready to drag them to court.

with regards
himanshu gangarde


  • D
      Oct 22, 2009

    Me too affected by the same.. services are not good by HSBC...

    HSBC are ###ss...

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  • J
      Apr 08, 2011

    Hsbc is the worst company i have ever done business with. They will not set up the auto-draft by phone. They tell you go to their webpage to do this and when you get there is the most confusing process ever. If you set the payment to come out on your due date they will process the payment after your late fee has been applied. Then they will ague with you and say you should have know their policies. The play lets make a deal with your late fees. To beat all there is no grace period, which i though was required by law. They are only out to get late fees and over drafts. I have over 800 beacon and have never missed a payment on any other account in 15 years. Now i have missed three payments with them. THIS THE WORST COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH! PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. BEST BUY 0% INTEREST PLAN IS THOUGH THEM THAT HOW THEY GOT ME! WATCH OUT!

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