H&R Block / HRB Digitala dispute with h& r block and last year of filling taxes with them.

I purchased a birth certificate with Hawaii records back in Feb 2018 never received the item so I called H & R block to dispute charges.hawaii stated in only take a couple weeks when I didn't get it I disputed charges.custer service never tells you the whole dispute long it takes for this all to go through there rude and I get different answers from each person.i was told yesterday it would go my acct.if it didn't call back today so I I'm told I have to wait an additional three to five days.this is not good very pist off and I have been with these people for years.well I no longer will be a member of H& R block and if you want to lose alot of money then go ahead use H&R block.there fees are out rageous they take your whole state taxes without telling you.t here very rude and half of the customer service I dealt with are not very informative.i get different response from different clerks.they haven't heard anything from vital records and I still have to wait.rediculous.i been with you over twenty years.good bye H & R block.

Jun 06, 2018

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