H&R Block / h&r block emerald card

Yankton, SD, United States

They completed my taxes, electronically sent to irs with my refund to be deposited to an emerald debit card supplied by them. 1 minute after my refund was deposited to the card, some online ticket company in spain withdrew $1555 off my card...Excuse me, i cant even use my own emerald card, this same one, to make purchases without an i.D or pin number (to wit nobody knew my number but me) yet your going to allow someone from another country to withdraw that amount without either my i.D or pin??? i immediately called h&r block and they saidthe cards came from the bank owned by h&r block which i now had an account with and my checking account is linked to the emerald card they gave me and i'd have to call them. I did, the bank said if i disputed a charge to my debit (or withdrawl from my checking account) i'd have to send it to their dispute department in writing then they would take a look at it and decide if i"d be returned the money but in any event the $55 sending portion was non refundable. Per account policy they have 30 days to investigate my issue and 15 days after that to send me their answer so in the very least it would take 45 days after they received my written complaint before they could tell me if they were going to return my money and then another 30 days to issue the refund if i were getting one (minus the $55 of course).
Well isn't that the perfect scam? (3.1 billion reported haul for fiscal 2016 wasn't enough for them) just think though if they swooped 2000 customer accounts for $1555 thats $3.1 million more. I'd say less than half those got their money back after that long policy that had many "you have to do this and that exactly when we say or the transaction is void"s stipulations, so a net for 50% of 1.5 million+. Even if they kept just all the non refundable $55 that equals $110, 000.
In any event, they ended with "we don't own the cards, they are provided by another company that would have to issue us the refund before we issue to you.'
how much you wanna bet "another company" is owned by h&r block also??? you'd think rico charges would be filed...I called 8 times a day for 10 days and they returned to my account minus the $55.

Oct 25, 2017

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