HPpavillion all in one - this product is junk

Pa Apr 03, 2016 Redford, MI Review updated:

Purchased this HP Pavillion All in One. Boy you sure got a lot of people
fooled here for sure. You claim that you will get LIFE TIME Assistance-
well when you call the phone # you are on hold then after a while a person will call you back in 24 hrs, what kind of crap is this.?? You sell the darn
product& you know for yourself that WINDOWS TEN IS JUNK.
But you sell this stuff anyways. Seems like there is problems here.
I am so mad & upset that I bought this HP computer from you, you don't
do your homework on the products that you sell.
I am sorry is no answer either. Try making good on the stuff you sell.
I am writing to Microsoft also.
Patty Perry

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  •   May 16, 2016

    Did they call you back within 24 hours? Lifetime service does not mean lightening speed or instant service. And by the way, HP did not create Windows 10, Microsoft did. Perhaps, you could state what you are having trouble with with your new computer, and someone help you.

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  • Sc
      May 31, 2016

    hp sucks sucks sucks I have had nothing but trouble from day one with this POS and trying to get help in a timey fashion and fixed right almost impossible. I kick my self I the A$$ daily for being ripped off by HP.

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  •   May 31, 2016

    Again, I offered to help you if you tell me what the issue is. HP makes good stuff if you know how to use it. I have had HP computers for over 25 years.

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