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Hp Pavilion Laptop / repair/replacement

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From R S Manral

I had purchased one HP Laptop DV6502 AW H.P, Pavilion Srl No.CN F7262217 from your authorized dealer M/s Jesus Enterprise, Computer Sales Services & Network Solution, Bharada Kanta Complex, Shiv Mandir, Kadamtala, Darjeeling (WB) vide bill No.70 dated 16th Oct’2008. The bill is hand written not a computer printed. During the month of Nov 2007 the Laptop developed some software problem and the same was rectified by RT Outsourcing Services Ltd, Siliguri, an authorized HP Service Center. Again adopter / charger of the same Laptop got defective and was replaced by the same Servicing center in Siliguri in the month of April 2008 as the Laptop was still under one year warranty.

I sent the Laptop for use by my family at Agra, UP after that. On 10th Oct’2008 the same adopter/charger again got defective and same was produced before your authorized dealer / Service center, Arush & Co, Shop No.2, Block 35, Sanjay Place, Agra (UP) on 14th Oct’2008. Initially firm accepted the adopter but after one day they informed me telephonically that the manual bill not is acceptable by HP center hence repair/replacement will not be carried out at their end. Though the Computer and accessories were still under warranty at that time.

In view of above, you are requested to look into the matter and necessary instructions regarding repair/replacement be conveyed to HP Service center, Agra. A confirmation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

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  • Ha
      12th of Sep, 2006
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    Hp Pavilion Laptop - Faulty power jacks
    United States

    HP Pavilion laptops are produced with a design flaw where the power jack in most laptop computers (still in the market) is faulty. For most Pavilion laptops, this problem is a result of solder joints on the DC jack that are poorly designed and therefore readily damaged. The resulting problems include spontaneous and instantaneous power-downs of the laptop; refusal to start or charge a properly inserted battery; movement of the AC power adapter plug causing power "glitches" and so forth. Replacing the power jack is an expensive process starting with the motherboard of the computer. Such damage resulting from normal use is not covered in the warranty. Most Pavilion laptop owners come across this problem and are left to fend for themselves. The company should do something about it, starting with free replacements of a product that is faulty in its initial design. Or perhaps knock the product off the market.

  • Mm
      13th of Sep, 2006
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    My HP Pavilion laptop dv4030us continues to crash. I keep getting error codes and a message saying a log has been created. When it crashes the message says that an error has occurred and the program had to close, the screen goes black and then a memory dump begins, so I immediately shut off the computer. Today the computer froze and I couldn't turn it off. I hd to unplug it. Then it rebooted. I have called HP tech support many times about the problem and their solution was to have me bring the laptop to a computer service store, where they would erase EVERYTHING and rebuild the computer! I said that was unacceptable. They never mentioned that I was entitled to have the lapttop picked up to be serviced. I guess I could save to an external disk like a cruzer micro, but it seems unacceptable to have to do so. I found out today by reading the complaints about HP Pavilions that someone was told they could have the laptop picked up. At any rate, at this point I never leave the laptop on when I am not using it, for fear it will crash and start dumping memory. What a disappointing piece of equipment, and what a pain!

  • Pa
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    Hp Pavilion Laptop - Absolutely the worst customer service!
    United States

    My recommendation is to NEVER purchase a HP Laptop again. I purchased a Pavilion laptop at retail from Best Buy and am now on my 4th main systems board.

    Worse yet, I have been waiting nearly a month for the replacement board with the computer totally dead and:

    1. The only information I can obtain is that the board is on 'back order'.

    2. HP will not provide any information on when the board will be available.

    3. It is absolutely impossible to speak to a human being to discuss this problem - you can only get routed to overseas call centers to speak to people who are not equipped to answer the question.

    This is absolutely the worst customer service experience I have encounted from a major manufacturer and as a result I seem to have no alternative but to junk the computer and purchase another one - needless to say not an HP/Compaq.

  • Vk
      12th of Nov, 2007
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    HP Service Centre - Sanjay Palace - bad iresponsible behaviour of attendent / receptionist

    Very bad behavior of receptionist ms jyoti and ashish attendant at agra hp service centre sanjay palace.

  • Va
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    Hp Pavilion Laptop - Laptop turn on problem
    United States

    My laptop problem is, when u turn it on nothing happen on the screen or system board.

    I sent my laptop to HP for repair on Feb-18 they got it on Feb 21, sent me an email telling me i will get it on Feb 29, the 29 came someone called me n told me the laptop waiting for part so will be sent before March 14, 14came 5pm someone from Hp called me and told me the laptop waiting for part, it will be send March 28, every time i told to them same story waiting for part, i asked them if the part was coming from another planet.

    On the HP web page they show very clear that when u send ur laptop for repair u will get it back in 7 or 10 business days, but i guess they are waiting for the part to come from a 3er world country.

    None on the customer services cant tell u anything about ur repair, even the case manager have any idea where is ur laptop or what kind of repair it been done.

    I will never buy a HP laptop, i will try Sony or Dell, im tired of waiting and customer services doing nothing for me.

    I let u guys know when March 28.2008 come if i got my laptop.

    Note. Please send me an e-mail about what legal action should i take against HP if on March 28 i dont get my laptop, thanks for any help.

  • Ma
      5th of Nov, 2008
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    We purchased our customised HP Pavilion dv5t Entertainment Notebook soemtime in Sept '08. Model - HP Pavilion dv1000. Within a few days we noticed some problems with the notebook. Listing it down -

    Keyboard getting stuck
    Volume not up to the mark
    Wireless not working
    2 applications with volume doesnot work concurrently
    IE was very slow

    We were asked to return this piece so that it can be rectified. We did so, and we got the piece back on 13th Oct '08. But we still noticing issues with the piece.. some of the problems recurring

    Voume still not working
    Wireless not working
    DVD getting stuck / Some DVD's not playing at all.. we checked the same dvd in other laptop and it worked just fine
    2 applications with volume doesnot work concurrently

    We called up technical support and it was agreed upon that we will get a replacement for this defective piece. We sent back the notepad and it was returned back with the same problems and later on we discovered that the problem kept compouding. In one day if the laptop was on for 4 hrs, it had to be restarted atleast 3 times since it used to get stuck each time.

    So we asked to give us a replacement in Oct. HP agreed. We got the new laptop shipped to us Oct 25th. We realised that none of the problems were solved. On top of that, one day when the Norton Virus subscription alert popped up- it said that 30 days left. This alert popped up on 30th Oct. Ideally if the piece was replaced we should have had 60 days left. So i even doubt whether the laptop was replaced.

    Now we have asked for a refund.

    Overall, we are very very upset with the product. We are shocked that HP a well known brand name has failed to perform even a small function like playing a DVD and it is supposed to be a Entertainment PC.

    We are sending the laptop back but we are not even sure whether we will get a refund. Although we were promised by our Case Manager - ken Kimbell that the entire amount would be refunded. Where can we get the assurance for the entire refund of our money

  • De
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    i had given my laptop to
    PH NO :- 01144312600
    as my laptop panel is losse so they said they will replace that panel under warranty within 2 to 3 days but now 15 days gone still they say same that they don't have panel in there stock. Daily they say that they will gve it within 2 days more
    and today they said the panel which comes is not of my laptop so it will take more two days

    ad i m leaving for pune after 2 days and will come back after 1 year i want to take my laptop with me but there poor service will not let me do this
    so i kindly request you to deal with them

    HP LAPTOP DV 2410
    MY CASE NO IS 2604039896

    Yours truly

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    please dont buy HP PRODUCTS...

    My recommendation is to NEVER purchase a HP Laptop again. I purchased a Pavilion laptop at retail from Best Buy and am now on my 4th main systems board.

    Worse yet, I have been waiting nearly a month for the replacement board with the computer totally dead and:

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    Absolutely the worst customer service! from HP

    My recommendation is to NEVER purchase a HP Laptop again.
    I purchased a Pavilion laptop at retail in chennai.

    Worse yet, I have been waiting nearly a month for the replacement board with the computer totally dead and:

    This is absolutely the worst customer service experience I have encounted from a major manufacturer and as a result I seem to have no alternative but to junk the computer and purchase another one

  • Su
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    Dear HP

    I am Sudhakar Parasher. I had bought an HP Laptop with a very good impression of quality and after sales service. But let me tell you that i have experienced the maximum height of dissapointment with the services provided by your outsourcing frim .

    There was some problem in my laptop as it was getting heated very rapidly. I came to india and produced the Laptop to to get it repaired, they (RT OUTSOURCING SERVICES HP AUTHORISED CENTRE A-200 OKHLA INDUSTRIAL AREA PHASE 1) told me that the Fan has got damaged and it as to be replaced. I left my laptop at the service center. I foolowed with them almost every day from my side and after 15 days of disappointment i got my laptop back without being repaired.

    RT outsorcing is a team of inefficient, incompetent and illegal bunch of people, I dont know how a company like HP can outsource their service centres to these craps, Dont go to them, I am pretty sure u will be disppointed like me and many others have been in PAST

    Sudhakar Parasher

  • An
      8th of Sep, 2009
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    Never go for the HP laptop again.My laptop is getting overheated like a coal surface and on the top of it.
    it is not getting started even.When i went to HP Customer care in bangalore they told me they dont
    provide service for the laptops purchased in US .(I purchased it last year from US).Its in the warranty period still
    and those guys just told me they wont give me any service back in india.
    this model is dv6815nr.HP PAviliion Notebook series.


    Ankur Srivastava

  • Us
      14th of Mar, 2011
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    Hp Pavilion Laptop - Damaged, wrong replacement, poor customer service
    Hewlett Packard Website Store
    United States

    Originally we ordered the laptop less than a month ago, it arrived in a week and half from China. The computer wouldn't work, we called within hours of deliver. After two hours on the telephone with their outsourced customer service depatment running a diagnostic program, they offered to refurbish it and send it back to us but we preferred a new replacement.
    They issued a Fed Ex Pick-up lable and credited and reordered. There was already a price discrepency on the reorder and I had to insist that they replace at my original price because they were going to increase the price and not honor my original purchase price.
    I received a reorder confirmation and noticed that they had changed the video card to a cheaper video card so I called their outsourced customer service to make sure they corrected it, I was assured it was corrected but the replacement computer arrived today with the incorrect video card and I was charged the extra $50 for the more expensive video card from my original order.
    We called their outsourced customer service department again and spoke to a lady claiming her name was "ARJEL", she spoke with a slight speech impediment, a heavy accent and a tendency to say "um" often .
    She apologized profusely but did not really seem to fully understand what I was explaining to her. She repeated the exact same phrase over and over as if she was reading it but did not understand when to appropiately fit it into the conversation. We intended to send the computer that we had just received back and get yet another replacement but we wanted to be sure that the order would be placed correctly. Finally, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She placed me on hold for quite a while then came back on the phone...same exact person, same voice, same speech impediment...same "um" every two words...She claimed her name was "ROXANNE" and she was the supervisor. I told her that it was clear that she was the same representative and requested to speak to a real supervisor.
    At this point we decided that we were done with HP, their credibility is in question and we just want them to pick up the computer and refund our money. They never offered to compensate us in any manner for all the time and frustration spent dealing with this and we could not ever speak with anyone other than their poorly trained outsourced customer service department. We won't be buying anything from them again and suggest that others avoid doing so too.

  • Al
      22nd of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dell Had reaccept Me as part of Dell Research group for 5y to come, but HP had dissapoint me, so I found that
    AMD unrealibility to survive the crash just like my Guyver II Female Type Robot Girl Triela suddenly disappeared. it is clear that Dell had gain the upper hand over HP in Byt Lass Realibility test
    Dell had behave more like Guyver II Female Type Robot Girl Ariela w/out disaappeared
    That Why, I Love USA, I Love Dell, I love Nvidia, I Support Malaysia.

  • In
      14th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    i have heeting problem in my latop

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