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Hp Pavilion Dv2000 / laptop problems

1 India Review updated:

I have purchased dv pavilion 2000 in January. But began to create problems for me after one month it had display problem. Sometimes display began to spark. Sometimes it touch pad leave working. It also become unstable and hang everyday. It's Keyboard also leave working and a key is also not working properly. One USB slot also stop working. I have to face a new problem on every log in. I am frustrated. I have also taken it to service center four time. But problem become again and again.

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  • Aa
      12th of Aug, 2007
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    I'm using mine right now. Had it since last may (2007) and its been nothing but problems. Plenty of display issues, the microphone has never worked, my wireless card no longer works, and starting ten minutes ago my speakers don't work anymore. It also freezes and almost all the time won't even turn on. I have done nothing wrong to it, I guess these things are just crappy.

  • Gr
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    I have a DV2000 as well.

    It worked great until about a month after that warranty ran out. I have screen problems. Sometimes, when my screen goes into standby mode, it won't come back. I have to restart several times to get it to work.

    And my wireless card only works intermittently.

    The startup is slow, despite taking most of the programs out of the startup.

    The bottom gets very hot after short use.

    Customer service is terrible. It is outsourced to Indians. They were more focused on selling me an extended warranty than helping with my problems.

    I'm never buying HP or Compaq again. I had some power cord issues with my old Dell, but at least everthing works.

  • Pe
      17th of Sep, 2008
    -1 Votes

    We have had six HP dv series laptops come in our shop in the past month. Three of the six had problems booting. Seemed to be problems all across the entire dv series line of laptops.

    Right now we just got one back that we thought was a motherboard replacement according to much research and troubleshooting and now we have to figure out what's going on.

    If your going to buy an HP dv series, your best off saving your money, go get a few drinks at the local pub find a guy twice your size and get your ### kicked, it will be a much better experience.

  • Ra
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    I too have Dv2000 till my warrant period it as working good month after my warranty i had a display problem.i have taken HP laptop sevice center in Gurgoan, service man there without seeing the laptop he said board is gone we have to replace the mothe will cost 14, 000Rs.after i change the board still the same problem.

    Wrong thing i made by getting HP laptop.

    Friends never ever go for Hp product in Laptops...

    Hp is not a brand its a [censored].

  • Ja
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    same, ive had mine fixed / reformatted about 4 times ina year. start up si soo damn slow, it hangs most of the time, and problem just keeps on repeatng over and over. sucks

  • Pe
      4th of Oct, 2008
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    I had a HP pavilion dv2000 series laptop that's I think the worst one I've ever used.All things stopped functioning when it's just out of warranty. It even did not boot up, and the customer service was bad as well.

  • Ro
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    I bought an HP DV 2000 series less than 2 years ago. Within the first I had to return the notebook for speakers and cd drive repairs. About six months later, the screen stop working. When I called customer servive, I was informed of a manufacture defect with the motherboard. I returned it for repair and the same problem with the motherboard occurred four months later. Their customer service is the worst. I will never buy anything HP again.They are just as bad as DELL. I have a GATEWAY laptop from 1999 and it is still working with no prblem. Take it from me DO NOT buy anything HP!!!

  • Ed
      26th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    they are just the worst machines ever, i bought a dv 9781 and it was all troubles, all kind of, keyboard, touchpad, webcam, wireless, motherboard, screen, alllllll damn those machines are so bad, and so expensive... if i knew... i have never bougthed it, what im doing now?? resigned to it and im never buying and HP machine ever!

  • Pr
      27th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I bought a HP dv2000, that too not from India, but from France and I have the same problems. The screen of my laptop got ###ed up...I don't see anything, but when I keep the screen against the light in the room I can see that its not completely switched off but its so dark that I barely see the page...and all this happened just after the waranty period. After some time the screen comes back to normal. Then I started having problem with my DVD drive gets stuck up from time to time...and recently the hard disk crashed.
    So with the three problems I went to a HP service center...and they said they won't repair them, they will just replace them and they gave me a estimate of 40, 000 Rs. What a ###...I came back, bought a second hand hard disk, replaced it myself and installed windows, so one of my issue was solved but the other 2 issues are still there...and now a days I am having a lot of problem with the screen...some times it doesn't come back even after hours...what a mess...a ###ed up product...
    If any of you have any idea of how to repair it, I would apreciate your help...

  • Mo
      29th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Throw it out. It will save you a ton of hours in sleep and gray hairs. I wonder if the parts and resources to build our own laptops is available yet?

  • Co
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I have a HP Pavillon dv2000 with black screen is anyone can help me resolve this issue please?

  • Ro
      7th of Feb, 2009
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    I also have a DV2000 with the same startup issues and HP have wiped there hands of it saying that the DV2040 (aussie model) is not one of the model covered by there extened support warranty as this startup issue is a know problem. So if anyone know what the fix is i would be inetrested in knowing as curently i have just disabled all the powermangement so it doesn't shut down.

  • Ra
      8th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have had two of the dv 2000 series laptop _BOTH_ of them displaying the same symptoms. The laptop boots up, I can hear the cd rom, I can hear the disk sound and the fan, I can see the lights but the freaking screen is blank, _BLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAANK_. And I was told the same thing when I called HP, in short what they meant to say was "Dude you are [censored]D". All the gibberish about the model number not being the one the they have quoted on their website. I googled this and I can see that I am not alone. I am never buying an HP again. EVER. They sure do know how to make a fool out of people. I have my 5 year old desktop that I recently upgraded working like a charm, and HPs so called best laptop cant even work for a year. WHAT A SHAME. And in these tough economical times, they politely advise you to get a repair for $%400. Well I agree with "Peter Gibbons" above on his last statement. I am so frustrated cause its not one but two laptops that I had brought together being useless and HP not agreeing that they have a problem.


  • Bi
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have owned mine for over 2 years. It has always been trouble, so much so that I run it with minimal programs installed. It still heats up unbearably. My DVDs begin to run, and then because of the heat it causes problems and they stop working.
    I had to get the motherboard replaced once (when it was in warranty), and since then it has worked. But I have to treat it like a gentle flower. I even turn on the AC and use a cooling pad for it!


  • Al
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi there, I have the dv2224ea laptop and have already had my motherboard replaced. I also had heat issues when doing anything really but I found a very useful guide which took my processor down from 73 degrees under load to 55 - 58 under load:

    this guide tells you how to undervolt your CPU and when doing general tasks - with the exception of the GPU which is still pretty hot - every component stays under 50 degrees.

    If you want to you can right click anywhere on the desktop and go into your nVidia powermizer settings and take the pointer to maximum power savings and that'll take at most ten degress of your GPU and also 10 FPS off of Call of Duty 4 in my case, making it completely unplayable, but if your not that bothered about playing games turn it right down.

    with both of these suggestions your battery life should shoot up as well but my battery is dead so I can't really tell you how much your battery life increases.

    and also clean the dust out of your laptop every 3-6 months, if you look around that forum link I gave you, they tell you how to clean out your laptop

    anyway good luck with all your laptops!

  • Al
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    oh sorry for double posting, but if your smart you'll put vista in the bin and get a nice clean version of xp on there, cuts down the work of all the components and also heat, and vista is rubbish and unless you have a good dual core or a quad core with loads of ram, vista will never be any good.

  • Is
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    yall kinda suk no one said anythin about how to get it fixed and hp dont give a dam screw u all mwuhahahah lol

  • La
      14th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    You can send it in for a free reapir. They will give you a hard time about it, but by god they messed up they must pay! A friend of mine's dv 2000's screen went blank and they replaced the motherboard (main issue to most of the graphics/screen/booting/slowness issues) and it worked until just recently, she is now filing the lemon law for a) a replacement or b) a new laptop.

  • Ne
      6th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I to have the dv 2000 with major screen problems and now its not working at all. HP told me that they extended the warranty for 1 year, which I was unaware of, and now I am 60 days out of warranty and was told "Tough Luck" pay for repairs or throw it away. What an answer. It appears that HP has been very much aware of this defect and chose not to inform their customers or issue a recall, this should be unacceptable to anyone with a defected HP product. I will continue to fight with them to fix the problems or replace my computer at NO COST. Any information about filing under the lemon law for replacement would be much appreciated. nequeenan01

  • Kc
      10th of Jun, 2009
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