HP / hp notebook 15

Stockholm, Sweden

After microsoft destroyed WindowsXP i had 2 unusable computers, i e 2 computers destroyed by microsoft. So I had to buy a new computer. Instead I landed up with hp Notebook 15. I bought that machine in May 2014. hp has put something in it called windows8 which judging by the malfunctioning it is guilty of must be a some serious type of virus. From May till August that machine demanded daily support. Nothing in it functioned. In August hp told me I needed to adjust the sensitivity, speed and special functions in the machine which caused the malfunctioning and which the thing called windows8 refused to reveal the whereabouts of just as it provided no information on any of what it caused the machine to do. Yesterday evening about or before 6 p.m. I opened a packet containing an unused dvd with a film on it called Australia and inserted it in the machine. Immediately it was grabbed by the dvd-dictator hp has put into the machine. The thing has the very misleading name of Power DVD 12 and is the pride and joy of a company called cyberlink. It kept stopping the film. I had to wait one and a half hours for the thing to resume playing from chapter 15 to chapter 16 and 29 hours after the dvd-dictator grabbed the dvd the thing still has not resumed playing chapter 17. Yesterday that thing made it necessary for me to do my best to fathom out how to contact hp support as there is none in Sweden. Finally I got it through Facebook. After 4 hours of contacting hp support I had to refresh their machine since it was impossible to use. I had followed all the instructions in the webpages referred to and did the downloads i had to and changed the settings to try and prevent the dvd-dictator from grabbing the dvds. No option is provided by their machine when a dvd is inserted even though I speculated in the settings that an option be given. The only change that occurred was that I could neither listen to any cd nor watch any dvd. After doing the refreshing hp suggested i was told to let hp know the results. That was at 1 a, m. Today when I try to access and reply to that comment I am told the comment cannot be accessed. It is now 10, 20 p.m. Can anyone tell me if Linux Ubuntu works with hp Notebook 15? Refreshing their machine removed my Office 2007 so now I cannot continue the census transcription i need to finish. So i wonder if installing a computer system would get the machine to function like a proper computer. i have had more than I can stomach of the thing called windows8. Never before have i been exposed to the like of this machine hp Notebook 15. Never again will I even give any product hp is responsible for the slightest attention when i am out to buy something. On the contrary if no other product is available than the one hp is responsible for I shall definitely not buy. Oh yes and hp does not allow you to send them screenprints proving how their machine malfunctions. Someone called Redstone Miner in Borkefer says he can understand why people hate Dell but not why anyone would hate hate hp. I hope he gets to read what I have related because what I feel about this machine can only be expressed with expletives and i do not like to swear. I forget to mention that I am unable to register hp Notebook 15 as provision of neither the information I was told I had to find in the machine nor the information on the box the machine came in results in recognition and hp demands that information. Consequently no chat is permitted, no email is revealed so no support is available where I bought their machine and the link sent as a solution for learning their machine better cannot be accessed. hp uses no-reply email addresses further complicating contact.Consequently hp is to be congratulated on the responsibility for the addition of yet another subscriber to the I Hate hp Facebook page. hp has truly deserved it.

Jan 21, 2015

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