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I bought an all in one Officejet J6480 printer on May 5, 2008, within months the paper jam went out. They sent me a replacement (which was a remanufactured one) within months that one went out with carrige jam. I don't use the printer very much, so it wasn't for overuse. I called Hp a number of times and kept getting the run around. Hardly speaking english, the person (from India, I believe) said that the year warranty was just up. Since they sent me a used one I think they should have guaranteed that one for a year, not another 5 months. So, as it stands, Hp only lasts 5 months each. I will never buy another Hp product. My computer is Hp and my last one was Hp. But, they don't stand by their products and I won't buy them again.


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      Dec 03, 2009

    I have similar experience. I could not get beyond the set up step with the first all in one printer that was sent to me. A replacement was sent and the set up was successful but every time I need to copy, scan or print, there would be one glitch or another. I would have to call HP tech support and spend one to two hours to resolve the problems. I mentioned to the technician that the product was bad and that I need to return it to get my money back. The tech will insist on assisting me until the problems were resolved. Just this week, I went to print some documents and the printer malfunctioned again by printing the lower part of some letters in some sentences. In frustration, I called the tech support telephone number again and was told that the problem was a hardware problem and that I need to buy a new printer and that since the product was no longer under warranty that HP is not responsible. I rejected that offer and asked for the name and address of the next level personnel that I will take this problem to to have it resolved. The technician in India said that she will have a manager call me back within one hour, this conversation took place yesterday at 12:30 pm 12/02/09. I gave up waiting for a manager who was supposed to call be back on 7/06/09. I will like to get my money back or an all in one printer that works. Where do I go for help.

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      Dec 20, 2010

    Unfortunately, from all that I am reading, this is an error that HP has intentionally built in so that customers like us, will turn around and get it replaced with one of their very own printers. It's unfortunate that this company has followed the ways of the world on how to screw people while getting fat themselves. They used to be an extremely good company putting out excellent products. However, the decision to outsource their work was and will continue to be their demise. When I first bought my two laptops from them, they charged me twice. I had to go through a real process for them to release one of the charges in my account. The other laptop I had to order elsewhere because they just couldn't figure out when or if I was ever going to receive it.
    As far as my J6480 All in One printer goes, the last time it supposedly jammed, I pressed the "OK" button and then the "Setup" button and it began printing my document. I have used it a few times and it seems to be working. I cannot afford to go out and buy another printer so I will be wringing this one dry. When I can afford a new one, you can count on me not buying from HP.

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