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Good morning I am not sure if you will read this or not, but really hoping so!! My Mom ordered a floating hourglass from the Houzz website. My 79 yr old Mom put a lot of effort into picking the perfect one our for our 30th Wedding Anniversary which is Jan 1st Our gift arrived and it was broken, beyond repair. My Mom contacted Houzz customer service and they requested pictures which we sent immediately. A replacement was ordered, that shipment didn't even make it to us, it was intercepted and sent back by FedEx as damaged. Again my Mom contacted Alison in customer service. The 3rd floating hourglass was ordered as a replacement and we received it yesterday, AGAIN completely broken. I called my Mom and said "You won't believe this, broken again!" No where on the box does it say "glass" or "fragile" the packaging is thin for the item. I can send pics if you like. I feel so bad as my Mom was so excited for us to receive this gift 😢 She told us she looked at a lot of hourglass items but this one meant the most. She was told it was a 60 minute hourglass, Jan 1st was our 30th Wedding Anniversary she thought well there are 2 of us 30 plus 30 equals 60 ☺️ So sweet ❤️ So my Mom was of course upset when I called her yesterday to tell her the bad news again. This morning I started looking for a way to get in contact with your company. I would think you would want to know about extreme cases like this! Obviously the vendor your company is dealing with is not packaging and shipping items or at least not this item correctly. I hope you read this message and respond. My name is Kay Hoffland [protected]
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Jan 30, 2017

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