Houzz / roseline enzo round dining table

No response after 4 days emailing their Support/ Customer Service email. Email sent on August 4, 2018. Specific issues (with pictures attached) of my email to Houzz with an action item request:

I am emailing to express my dissatisfaction with the product order per Order # below. It has been a very busy time moving into a new home and waiting patiently for furniture pieces to arrive, only to find issues after we unpack and assemble. We are looking to purchase more furniture for inside and outside home, but i am raising caution if purchasing from Houzz.

I am attaching some pictures for your review.

1- the middle seam is not flush on one of the ends because the wood cuts were off. This is positioned after the locking the clips. So, there is a slight gap on one end and flush on the other end.
2- there are visible paint bleeding (dried) off the edge of table. and eye sore and not clean-looking
3 - underneath on one side, there are two wood dents with exposed wood. Not sure if this at manufacturer error or from delivery.
As we expect family and guests to visit our home soon, we do not intend to send back the table, as it would be more of a hassle and added stress; however, i do believe this is a faulty piece of furniture sent to us for the high price.

I would like to know what Houzz will do to remedy this situation


Aug 06, 2018

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