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I ordered 4 brides maids dresses from House of Brides and paid for the dresses in full via my credit card. After a few days, I received an email that they could not fill the order in time and they were canceling my order. I had given them more than 16 weeks to order the dresses. I then ordered the dresses from a local shop and they were guaranteed in 4 weeks.

After a week, I emailed them and asked them why they hadn't credited my account since they had canceled the order. They said that they wouldn't even process my credit until 30 days. It has now been well over 30 days and they still have not credited my credit card account.

I will contact my credit card company to institute a chargeback, but people should know not to order from this company -- they engage in fradulent activities. They claim to have access to merchandise that they don't have access to and they take your money and do not refund it.

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  •   Sep 15, 2008

    I ordered a bridesmaid dress from this online retailer. It offered the least expensive price but not by much. I received the dress and it had the wrong underlay color. I called customer service and they offered NO help. The dress was only identified by the outer color, which was correct. I had no way of knowing until I received the dress that I had somehow ordered the wrong color! Their policy is no refunds, no exchanges, no customer service, no matter what. This is NOT conducive to ordering apparel. Also, despite sending in my measurements, the dress was ridiculously large. Of course, this I cannot fault the retailer for, but is another reason why buying bridesmaid dresses online with a retailer that does not care about customer satisfaction or business ethics is a bad idea! Pay an extra 15.00 and STAY away from House of Brides!!!

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  • Ea
      Mar 03, 2009

    I agree STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY they are absolutely disgusting. I ordered a couture wedding dress from them, paid $4000 and it arrived poorly packaged and incomplete! When i asked them to sort out the issue they refused and put us in blame!! Their customer service is none existent and rude. It is not worth the risk, don't make the same mistake we did. I had to pay another $1000 to have someone else correct their mistakes and to make the dress look something like it should of done.

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  • Sa
      Apr 28, 2009

    I had the same exact same experience, they are terrible to deal with. It has been 45 days since they informed me they could not make my wedding date. I have just filed a dispute claim with my credit card company, in hopes of getting my money back. Two thumb down. DO NOT ORDER FROM HOUSE OF BRIDES THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT GIVE IT BACK.

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  • Ja
      Apr 28, 2009

    File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. What the House of Brides is doing is illegal.

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  • Pr
      May 25, 2010


    I ordered my bridesmaid dress from them online, rush order was promised dress in 6-7wks. I nvr received any order confirmation. After cpl days I called and was told over the phone they weren't going to be able to meet my event date.

    They made me go through hoops and wait for ficticous emails from ppl they said would be processing my refund. I was told it could take 30days as well.

    Its been almost 4wks, I just got off phone with them and they still haven't processed my refund. They willn ot provide phone numbers or full n ames of people for me to speak with. I was told and I quote "They're to busy to talk to you."

    So, the wedding is just 5wks away now and I had to pay another $230 to a bridal shop 60miles away and bought a different dress the bride agreed to OFF THE RACK!!!

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  • Cu
      Jun 25, 2010

    Please contact:


    They are doing a story primarily on the length of time it takes to process the refunds.
    What they do is wrong; provide us with your story so they will stop.
    Please provide your contact information.


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  • He
      Sep 21, 2010

    I have exactly the same story. I ordered 2 bridesmaid dresses which they had shown as available and paid with my credit card. A couple of days later they said they were not available but had taken the full amount from my bank debit card. This was in early July 2010. It is now end of September and I am still waiting for my refund. I have emailed them again and am waiting for their reply.

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