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CB Wedding and Party House Of Brides 730 N Franklin St Ste 300, Chicago, IL, 60654, US
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730 N Franklin St Ste 300, Chicago, IL, 60654, US
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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

House Of Brides - scam and cheating

I ordered on-line from House of Brides. I entered all of my information correctly, but after the final submittal of information I realized that all the information was incorrect. The only thing that was correct was my name!

I immediately contacted my credit card company which stated that the charge had already gone through even though the billing address was not correct! They instructed me to see if I could resolve the issue with the company before they took action.

I called House of Brides the next morning and was told by the customer service rep that she could not help me because she could not print out the order until the next day, even though this was an on-line order. She told me that I needed to send an e-mail to the company stating my problem and give them the correct info. When I asked about the problem with their website defaulting to incorrect info, she said that it happens and hopefully they would fix the problem with the e-mail I was to send. Hopefully!

I asked her several times that she would not or could not help me at this time. She said yes and suggested that I call back the next day and maybe they could help me then. She was totally unconcerned that my order was placed with the incorrect billing address, etc.

I have ordered a lot of things on-line and have never encountered this type of problem before and I was blown away by the customer service rep's attitude that this situation was my problem and that they may or may not be able to help me. In this day and age of identity fraud I expect companies to be a little more understanding of a consumer's fears.

If I get no satisfaction today from House of Brides I will definitely cancel my order, and I recommend that no one else bother with them if there is this much trouble getting a reaction or resolution.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Chicago, US
May 26, 2010 5:41 pm EDT

This place is NOT reputable! Please do your homework so you're not heartbroken like COUNTLESS brides who trusted them, including myself!
They recently have been found guilty of TAX FRAUD and owe hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IRS. How do you think
they'll afford that?!?! DO NOT SHOP AT ANY of their locations, including the alluring cheap prices on their website! BEWARE!

willard j h
Cazenovia, US
Feb 26, 2010 8:43 pm EST

AHHHH this totally happened to me! Beware of them!

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