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I had a charge come across my account for $1.95 for something that I never received. I called the company and they stated that it was for a trial period but I did not recognize the company name or information. They say they have my ip address but I have purchased other things on the computer so I imagine someone else could have my ip address or have even signed up for something on my computer. Here is the kicker. I don't even know what it is because they gave me nothing by mail, phone or email in order for me the check it out to figure out what might have happened. They say they gave me a trial period, to what?? They then charged my account for $82.13. They cancelled my service but they won't refund my money and if they aren't going to refund the money shouldn't I at least get a product or service??? I have nothing, oh and here is the best part, each day there is a new charge for supposedly another company but it is the same people answer. One was called list for cash, another SBA Track online and who knows what will come next. The last charge was $13.55 so now I have been charged, $1.95, $82.13 and $13.55 and have nothing to show for it. They refuse to give you the name of their call center, they just keep saying they are answering calls for HotBusinessmarket. They refuse to give you the names of people in that company and they refuse to let you talk to a supervisor. Apparantly the supervisors aren't there to talk to people, only to train people how to scam!!! They have hung up on me each time I have called which only says to me SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! How can they get away with this?? Isn't there something that can be done? If anyone knows of any recourse please post something on this website.


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  • Vd
      Aug 20, 2009

    OK here ya go... I found this on Facebook of all places.
    Then as you see that pulls this site:
    But watch this... If you take out all of the links above and just enter the main domain:
    SAME SITE!!!
    Every link on the page point to the same place and when you go there and make a purchase (as I being an idiot did). You get what they are advertising except, you pay member fees (they don't tell you that until you make the $1.95 purchase. AND You do NOT make money. They just clean your account out!
    Get rid of your cards if they have the number and file a complaint with your bank ASAP!!!
    Also, don't bother calling the [protected] or [protected]. Everyone there is foreign (India) ALSO another proof that it's a scam. They hang up on you, put you on hold and never answer the phones.

    They run under several different company names.
    Pacific WebWorks, Inc

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