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Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:

went to hooters springdale, Ohio
Plaed order online and went to pick up order. the total for order was 21.49 i gave her a 100.00 bill and my change was to be 78.51. the server zoe brung my change to me and only ave me 78.00 when i asked about the .51 she stated she didn't have it, but then offered to give me another dollar. I refused because her intent was not to give me my change but keep it. I do-not tip on carry out but her not giving me proper change was a theft from the beginning. I tried to peak to manager they were busy and said they could not talk. THERE IS NO WAY A SERVER SHOULD NOT GIVE BACK PROPER CHANGE AND A CUSTOMER SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ASK FOR ALL OF THEIR CHANGE. THE NUMBER TO THIS LOCATION IS [protected]. MY TICKET NUMBER IS 149, AND THE PERSON WHO STOLE THE CHANGE NAME IS ZOE. THIS WAS SO WRONG.

Apr 28, 2018
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  • Se
      Apr 28, 2018

    Actually this never happened. The truth is I tried to ask her out and she refused. I made this all to get her into trouble. She claimed she was married. Well if she is and is not interested in men she should be careful how she dresses. Luckily I am the type of man that does not rape women and respects women. But if she is raped she is asking for it with how she dresses.

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  • An
      Apr 28, 2018

    @sean croIey Punk [censored]

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  •   Apr 28, 2018

    @sean croIey You are a crude lout. Maybe YOU should be raped because you refused a fifty-one cent tip. Doesn’t sound so nice, huh? She offered you a dollar but you’d rather claim theft. Although lying, your post is up in search engines forever. I hope she sues your [censored] for defamation of character and the business sues for defamation of business.

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