Hooters of America / taco salad without any tortilla

Manassas, VA, United States

We ordered a taco salad that came to our table without tortillas and the manager was standing one table away talking to someone else and was informed by or waitress Latisha in Manassas VA on 12-02-2017 at 10:30pm and he didn't say or do anything 15 minutes later they bring out 5 tortillas. To top it all off of we had multiple orders that were came to our tables NOT at the same time estimated time 5 minutes apart. It ruin our outing as group especially when we don't get to our together due our career and life schedule are complex. I'm really sad and disappointed and I have eaten at multiple Hooter in multiple states and never had this problem until I came to this Hooters in Manassas Va which is 10 minutes away from where I just moved too. I'm very very very disappointed how this situation was handled by the manager. I hope he notified and he improves his customer service.

Hooters of America

Dec 03, 2017

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