Hooters of America / cook unable to follow a customers order request

Conyers, GA, United States Review updated:

Arrived on 9/28/18 @ 7pm to eat supper with my wife... Upon arrival our waitress took our order... My wife ordered 15 wings naked no sauce and a Pepsi... I ordered the Platter with 6 buffalo shrimp, 6 boneless wings and 6 breaded wings... I told her I wanted ALL the shrimp ALL the boneless wings and ALL the breaded wings to be VERY VERY WET plus the breaded wings were to be ALL DRUMS !!! And I ordered a Pepsi...

Well when our food was delivered we still had not received silverware yet... My wife's order was fine... However mine was NOT even close to being accurate !!! First of all NONE of my chicken or shrimp had ANY extra hot sauce on it so they were far far from being very very wet !! Also my regular 6 breaded wings that were supposed to be ALL DRUMS !! Well those 6 were 2 drums and 4 flats !!! Everything was dry as heck !! This meal was PATHETIC to say the least... I have been eating at Hooters since 1983 when it began in Clearwater... But without a doubt it was the WORST meal I have ever eatin in my lifetime...

What's even worse people is that we just moved to this area this past May 2018 and this Hooters in Conyers, Ga is the ONLY Hooters to choose from for people to eat at without driving many miles to another store... That just is not convenient people... And what makes it even worse is that we have eatin here at least 6-8 times from May thru Sept. and everytime we have had problems with our meals... Why you have a female in charge of this Hooters I'll never know especially a black female... This Hooters has the exact same problem that about 80-85% of the restaurants have here in Newton and Rockdale County Georgia... They have there African American and Caucasian ratios way out of wack staff wise... There are about 90% African American employees and 10% Whites... Thats about what you have in Conyers, Ga store... That's not the right ratio to run a company anywhere folks... And stop lying to the public when you shoot your advertisement photos for Hooters... Everytime I receive an email from Hooters advertising something or selling something I have seen nothing but White female Hooters ladies in everyone of them... Never ever a Black Hooters lady... That's pathetic...

Bottom line someone from management needs to evaluate at least the COOKS in Conyers, Ga store and see why they have such a problem following what the waitress writes on her order pad from the customer... Because nothing is worse to a customer than to pay $25 for a meal and it come to the table SCREWED UP !!! Everytime I come into that same store...

Sep 30, 2018
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  • Ca
      Sep 30, 2018

    Ding ding ding!

    You just keep on ringing the, 'Entitled racist white guy, ' bell, but no one is listening.

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  • Om
      Sep 30, 2018

    WOW - so the problem is too many black people and a female manager. Wait, a black female manager! Yeah, you sound like a real winner.

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  •   Sep 30, 2018

    Just what we need in this world: MORE [censored]ING RACIST HUMANS!!???
    You have got a problem if you can't take initiative and actually get off yo' butt and complain to the management of the Hooters where you decided to go to get your boob fix. Yeah, I have been to Hooters and I didn't enjoy the hot wings- I didn't complain about it on line. I did something to help the company try to fix the problem!!

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