Honda Financial Services / harassing phone calls

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, United States

This company is calling me every weekday. They fill my answer machine with requests to return the call to [protected]. When I call to find out what they want, they want my last four social security numbers and my account number. I have no account. They can only fix the problem if I give them the account number. I can't even get the phone company (ATT) to block the number as it is an 800 number. I spoke with the supposed manager at Honda and he said he would have it stopped. A lot of hot air. The calls continue. This is going on for several months now. What a sleezy company. I tried to find what they want but they have to protect the client. Whoever their client is gave them someone elses phone number and obviosly is not paying for their car loan. The calls are made by a machine. They will protect the crook while harassing someone not involved. I guarantee that if I were to buy a new car it would NOT be a Honda or anything connected tith that company. For proof, I have begun not deleting the harassing calls.


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