Honda Financial / The lien holder lost my car's title

United States

I purchased a 2005 Honda Civic in 2005 & financed it through Honda Financial Services. OIn 2007, they contacted me and told me they did not have the title to the vehicle and thought it might have been mailed to me in error. I told them I had no received the title from DMV or Honda Financial services. They sent me an application to apply for a duplicate title, I signed and returned the paperwork. I recently paid off the loan and called to find out when I would receive the title. They don't have the title. They think it will take 6 weeks to obtain the title from DMV. I wanted to sell the car by the end of the year but I can not without the title. The title to my car has been mishandled and no one will accept responsibility or help me. I do not trust them to follow through.


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