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Kappa Kauai Hawaii, United States

My daughter, son, granddaughter and I rented a property in Kapaa, Kauai for the week of November 3-10/2017. The state that this place was in was filthy. We had to clean it upon our arrival. We bought paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery as the dishes there were disgusting. Has dried food on them. Pots and pans had to be cleaned so we could use them. The fridge had to be cleaned as it was so dirty. It also did not work well. We had to wash towels before using them as they stunk.
Before we could do that we had to clean washing machine. The dryer was also blocked with lint. The stove and counter tops also had to be cleaned. There was also an ant problem, they were everywhere. There also seems to be an electrical problem as bathroom lights flickered and a couple of times didn't work. Not all outlets worked either.
The bbq was disgusting so we didn't use it. That's to name a few.
I talked to the owner the one time I saw her about it and she said that the people before us left late, so she didn't have a chance to clean it and she would give us a gift card for dinner. That didn't happen and it was the last time I saw her.
We made the best of it as it was our first time on Kauai and we didn't plan on being in the rental much. Two days before we left, I sent an email to the owner Marisol bringing up these issues again and told her instead of gift card we'd just take the cleaning fee of $105. I got no response, until yesterday when she sent me a rather unpleasant email. She's had over two weeks to respond to me but didn't until the bad review I gave her was posted.
Accusing us of leaving the place filthy. I am very offended by this as it is a complete lie. And if that was the case why did she not contact me sooner? She had both my phone number and email.
Also something we noticed at all other rentals was a business license on the wall, we did not see one at this property.
My family has been using homeaway for about 4 years now and have never experienced what we did with this property or owner before.
In fact we went on to spend a week on Oahu after this and the property manager gave us a five star rating, saying we were awesome tenants and left the place so clean and thanking us for following check out requirements, we had our full deposit returned within 5 days.
Our rental last year in Waikiki was the same the owner thanked me and returned my cleaning fee because it was left so clean.

I have date stamped pictures I took of the condition of this property when we arrived. I've included 4 of them but I have others as well.
If you'd like to see the nasty email she sent me over 2 weeks later I'd be happy to do that.

S. Smith


Nov 27, 2017

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