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P Nov 25, 2017 Review updated:

Home Depot, Store #224, Boynton Beach, FL

Today, 11/25/17, I went to HD specifically to buy a Maytag Washer ($549), Maytag overhead microwave ($269) and Rheem 50 gal Hot Water Heater ($419). I had already picked my items and met with a man named Ren at the Hot Water Heater isle. I wanted to speak about having all items delivered at once so I didn't have to pay $15 per delivery.

He, my Mom and I walked over to James in Appliances. I asked that my items also be installed, basic installation for Free since the hook ups are already there (these are replacement appliances) and since I've bought all of my appliances when I bought my home in 2009 from HD, same Store (Maytag Refrig, stove and microwave, dishwasher and washer/dryer and GE hot water heater). (in addition to all of my ceiling fans (4), light fixtures, tubs (2), toilets (2) vanities (2), outdoor lighting, closet louver doors).

Sorry for this lengthy email/complaint. Ren stated that it would cost us $1, 000 for the hot water heater installation; in addition to the price of the heater. I wasn't understanding what he was saying. At first I thought he meant approximately $1, 000 in total. I had to ask him 4 times to explain what he was saying. I had to guess and kept asking him. I thought he meant $419 for the heater and $500+ for the installation. He then confirmed he was saying $419, plus $1, 000. At that point I let him know that was unethical and misleading since I'm a Commercial Senior Property Manager and know prices for plumbers, electricians, etc. My Mom and I left the store without purchasing any of the appliances. I also spoke with a Manger, Ms. Solene, who was very nice. However, I felt it necessary to submit this Complaint as well.


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      Nov 25, 2017

    Home Depot it's by no means trying to pull a fast one. The costs of water heater replacements have become extremely high. The question becomes doing it as 'code.' With permits, extensions, overflow tanks and earthquake straps, the price can become considerably more than one would think. I'm sure what they're quoting is the price in the 'worst case scenario.'

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