Home Depot / paid extra for installation and didn't get it

Paid close to $2,000 for a new washer, dryer and matching pedestals. Paid for installation of the pedestals that included breaking and tearing down and disposing of the huge boxes they came in. It was warm on the day, the 2 men came to deliver the items. We gave them ice water and took off our doors, so that they could better deliver the items into our basement. When all appliances and corresponding pedestals were in our basement, we showed the delivery guys our receipt that we paid for the installation of the pedestals. Mind you, it took 2 large men to lift the washer and dryer. One of the delivery guys said, we have no such order to install. Said to me, "I'll give you a number to schedule someone to do that" and left my house and drove away. I never got a phone number and never got the installation I paid for. I was w/out a washer & dryer for weeks and all Home Depot could say is "I'm sorry that happened". Nothing further. No, reimbursement for non-installation. Nothing. You just lost a good customer; as I plan on telling a lot of people.

May 29, 2018

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