Home Depot / my generator

Home Depot called me for me to pick up my generator that they could not fix because they said they don't work on my brand gen which they should of told me before they sent it to Atlanta Georgia which that place was a joke.When I came down to the store to pick up my gen it had scratches all over it and they bent the frame on it. I couldn't believe the condition of my gen when I got it back.The gentleman working there said that he would try to fix what was bent and broke but there's nothing that he could do for the scratches.I am a person that takes care of my equipment because I work VERY HARD FOR MY MONEY so when I buy something I TAKE CARE of it because I worked hard to get the money to buy it and for Home Depot to present me my gen in the condition that they did it was like a slap in the face.Another thing, the place that they sent it to is full of crap, that's another story but I would recommend Home Depot to use another repair shop.I must say that today I will NEVER look at Home Depot the same.I wanna know what Home Depot is going to do for me on this situation. I'm in shock over how they treated my gen.

Apr 02, 2017

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