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B Nov 18, 2017

This is in regards to case# [protected], and order #s W780867670 & C780375717. By now, I am fed up with Home Depot and their customer service. My last purchasing experience, and will remain my last, has been a complete nightmare.

Back on September 7th, 2017, I placed an order via for a specific lighting fixture I had my eyes on for quite some time. Decided to finally make the purchase since the item had gone down in price, and wanted to also take advantage of two MasterCard gift cards that HD issued me after participating in one of their paint-purchase rebate programs; which by the way, a complete disaster this program. My order was immediately canceled due to issues they were having in processing the MasterCard gift cards. Since no one from customer service ever reached out to at least fix the problem, I went ahead and contacted them to see why this had happened, and of course how I could proceed with processing the order for the light. The following day, 8th of September, I received an email from customer service,
"Thank you for contacting Home Depot, I understand you would like to use two of the MasterCard Rewards Cards for an online purchase. At this time, our website can only take one credit card and up to 10 Home Depot gift cards. You are able to use the MasterCard to purchase an online gift card by searching for “Gift Card” on our website, to then use in conjunction with the other reward card."
I thought, brilliant idea so that I can take advantage of these cards. WRONG! After calling customer service to see if this was possible, I was told that the only way this "idea" would work is if I went into a local HD store and purchased HD gift cards there...using the rebate MasterCards. I visited my local HD, and guess what?...associate wasn't able to help with this since one of the MasterCard gift cards that I had originally used on was reading a balance of $0. I immediately called customer service (start counting, we're by two phone calls) and explained to them the $0 balance issue. I was told that I had needed to contact HD after my order was cancelled, to provide them with a different form of payment in order for my purchase to have successfully gone through. Why I was finding this piece of information out now? clue. I explained to them that I wanted to use THIS form of payment, the MasterCard gift card, and was then was told that I needed to wait 5-7 business days in order to have my balance reissued back into the card. But by now, it had already been 7 days since purchasing online, so why wasn't the card reloaded? Oh that's right, since I didn't call HD from when my purchase was cancelled, I guess they thought it'd be a better idea to wait until customer called to then start the reissuing process. I waited, then called again (3rd phone call). I explained to the rep the entire issue, to please read the notes in reference to the order #, and to figure out some sort of solution as to how I can use this MasterCard. Great news, solution found! And no, still no kudos for HD. While on the phone with the rep, I came up with the idea of just cancelling this MasterCard gift card, and issuing me a normal HD e-giftcard to use on the website. Which by the way, this could have all been avoided by simply visiting and using the MasterCard gift card there for the SAME light fixture. But since I was, at the time, a loyal HD customer, I figured I'd buy it from HD. On September 19th (keep in mind, initial purchase was made on the 7th), I was issued the e-gift card, and was finally able to make my purchase with no issues...until item arrived.

The nightmare continued after noticing that the hardware for the light fixture was defective (decorative nut was already screwed on its bolt, and impossible to remove/unscrew). After the couple weeks of waiting, calling HD numerous times, figuring out a solution to my problem (the Home Depot MasterCard debit cards, which by the way, again, is a disastrous rebate program), and finally placing the order for the fixture I've been dying for, you'd think nothing else can go wrong, right? I immediately called HD customer service (4th phone call) and was told to reach out to the manufacturer, Globe Electronics, in order to have this issue resolved directly with them. I did exactly that, spoke with them, explained the issue, and they had no problem sending me a set of new mounting hardware. But here's my problem now: ONE TO TWO WEEKS to receive new hardware! I understand that by now, this is out of Home Depot's hands…but this entire purchasing experience has been ridiculous, a complete waste of my time, and I regret ever making this purchase via the HD website, when I could have done this via, as they were offering the same light fixture at same cost. Hardware arrived after 3 weeks of calling, was happy to head straight to installation, installed with no problem, but after all of this effort, the end product and its quality was awful; wobbly fixture, bent rods, and glass domes didn't fit correctly in housing.

We're by November 18th, and I've emailed HD customer service twice regarding a full refund for this, and that I refuse to visit any local HD store to make the return.

I've loved Home Depot for so long, going on 15 years of visiting all local HDs for my home project needs, and never have I had such a problem with HD, or with any other retailer for that matter. This experience really did it for me, and I can't see myself buying from HD to have to worry about something like this ever again. Thankfully, I've got a Lowes store 1.7 miles, a Harbor Freight Tools store 3.3 miles, and an Ace Hardware store 4.3 miles from my home.

I hope my purchasing story gets read, and that it serves as a form of precaution to those A) purchasing from, B) thinking of participating in any of their rebate programs, and C) contacting customer service, as they are honestly no help at all.



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