Home Depot / custom exterior and fire rated dooes

Campton, KentuckyCampton, United States

I was just informed that my order placed through Home Depot with your company on July 27th that SHOULD have been delivered by (originally) August 4th and has been delayed TWICE since then, now won't arrive until potentially September 1st?!? Now because of delays caused by your company, my small business is paying dearly! We have had contractors waiting to install other materials because the doors we ordered from you have been delayed. From one business to another, you certainly should understand that time is money, and we are paying dearly at the moment for your mistakes. To top it all off, because we have had holes in our building waiting for doors that never arrived, we now are in need of an exterminator. The problems caused by your backorder situation just keep coming. We certainly won't be ordering other materials from your company.

Aug 26, 2017

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