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Home Depot Credit Card / I urge all of you never to get this credit card!

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For all you credit card haters out there, I have a good one for you. I signed up for a Home Depot Credit Card run by Citigroup for the promotional $25 off your first purchase. I did not receive the card, or any further communication from them. The first time I heard from them, it was their collections department in a nasty call telling me to pay my bill. I informed Citibank that I had not received my first bill, let alone my card yet. I asked him the address they were sending the card to, and apparently someone put the wrong one in. They even had the return to sender in the system. I gave him my new address and he said he would sent out the bill. Then he informs me that now I have a $29 late fee to pay as well. I asked him how I can pay without getting a bill? OK NOW GET THIS:

He tells me 'Getting your bill is your responsibility'!!! I asked him if he was kidding me and he said no. Even though they typed in the wrong address, they're going to charge me a late fee for something 'I'm supposed to do' Who do they think they are? I'm supposed to magically know how much to pay, where to send it, etc.?

I asked this, so he said 'well you should have looked at your statement online.' Fair enough, lets get this taken care of right now, I have perfect credit and don't want to ruin it. I log on while still on the phone and try to register to see my account online. Since I never got my card, "What is my account number?"

"I can't give that to you". I am a quiet, shy guy. Lets just say I have never shouted louder at someone in my life. I won't be doing business with Citi anymore in the future.

Citicard - GONE
Circuit City - GONE
Goodyear - GONE
Men's Wearhouse - GONE
Discovercard - GONE
Home Depot - GONE

To all you credit cards out there, your in-store offers may be enticing. But in the end, its just not worth it. Your rude customer service, over the top interest rates, exorbitant late and over limit fees, your idiotic reasoning. I urge all of you NEVER to get another credit card. Cut up the ones you have, don't sign up for any new ones. These people are predators and the way they change their customer agreements (especially interest rates) should be investigated by your states attorney generals. I'm done with them, I hope I've convinced at least one other person to be, also.

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  • Sa
      15th of May, 2007
    +1 Votes

    We bought a washer/dryer for more than $299 and applied for the 6 month/no payment no interest card and plan. I was very surprised to get calls within 2 months from Home Depot asking me to pay the minimum on my card. I thought "how is this 6 months no payment?" It turns out Home Depot charged the $24 delivery fee for my washer and dryer to my card and that didn't fall under the "over $299" limit. So I was accumulating late fees because of this charge. My late fees were $70 or more. I called the Credit Company and asked them to do something. The lady said she would look into it. As I read my bill I saw that it said I should submit all disputes in writing, so I wrote the credit card company (address on the bill) and also sent a copy of the letter to Home Depot Headquarters. To my delighted surprise, the next time I called the automated account info, my late fees had been dropped and my total reduced by the amount I had already paid. So, although I ranted, I will keep the card for now and am a fan of snail mail complaints!

  • Bo
      26th of Aug, 2008
    -2 Votes

    I too believe I am trying, by Home Depot, to make me a victim of credit card scam. I too was promised a 25 dollar credit if I open a Home Depot card. I did apply upon wanting to make a purchase. Two months later, I am told I owe 6 dollars finance charges by a women who called me and supplied me with a rat's nest of information. I simply said show me the paper work. I have never had to pay late charges on any card until now. I will contact their credit department before I contact the New Hapshire Attorny Generals Office on consumer fraud.

  • De
      21st of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Home Depot Credit cards are a total ripoff to unsuspecting consumers. The State of Connecticut, and I understand Maine, has sued Home Depot and Lowes for practices involving non-disclosure of payment practices.
    I know I have been ripped off by them, and I advise no one to get a Home Depot credit card. For the rest of my life, I intend to support the local, small, family owned hardware stores, not the national giants.
    My story, like many others, involves the 6 month, no interest deals they have.
    What Home Depot does, is direct your payments toward any account you may have, while letting another account be ignored until they can slam you with high interest payment. The way I understand it, this is illegal. If they cannot produce the agreement with your your signature on it, the agreement does not exist and may present you with legal options.

  • La
      24th of Jan, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I had a .47 balance and they charged me a $35.00 late fee which they wouldn't waive. I told them I would close account and they said OK and closed it. Like that! They even wanted to charge me $14.95 to pay the balance by phone. All for 47 cents! We have spent thousands of dollars there over the years but we won't ever step foot in Home Depot ever again!!!

  • Du
      14th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Home Depo ruined my credit, they send my first bill to the wrong address, When the collection agency called me, I forgot about it, I thought It was a scam, when I did my investigation
    I realized the mistake, I paid the $44, 00 louzy dollars, but now, the credit bureu, shows paid in full, but that I did not pay on time, nobody is doing anything about it, when the clerk asked me if I want a credit card I remember saying no thanks, she pushed me come on get one come on, can somebody help me, don't want in my record to show that I did not pay my bills on time, , I did not do nothing wrong !!

  • Ke
      12th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    1. I paid my credit card bill off in full on October 21, 2010.
    2. December 31, I get a letter saying that they are reporting me to the credit union for $12.46. TWELVE EFFING DOLLARS.
    3. I called up, quite confused as to why this has occurred. I received no phone call, email, or letter informing me of these extra charges. I have never been late to date and have a great credit history.
    4. They tell me they are sorry that no one contacted me and they do not know how this could have occurred. I was passed to a senior rep. They assured me that they would resolve it with the credit agencies and it will disappear within a month, and apologize again. I promptly pay the $12.46.
    5. I receive a letter today dated January 5, (it is now Jan 12) saying that they are 'unable to change the information reported to the credit reporting agencies as it "accurately" reflects my account history with them.
    6. I call, again, confused by this. I ask why it was not resolved as promised. They said that they are sorry that their senior manager reported 'inaccurate truths' to me but there is nothing they can do.
    7. I cancel the card and tell them I will never do business with HD again. NEVER. Nor will myself or any of my family.
    8. This is entirely unethical in my book. I paid the bill off in full. Received no notice of extra charges. Then, when they tell me that this will be taken care of, they lie. Now my credit is hit for SEVEN years over TWELVE dollars.

  • Mk
      1st of May, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I tried to close out this account based on two final bill statements. The most recent bill statement i paid off was for a remaining balance of $7.32. Now Citibank says that they reversed a payment on the account leaving me with a $34 balance. The account they said they used was from a bank I no longer have an account with. This payment therefore was unauthorized because I nofified them months earlier that that account was closed. Last month, a Citibank manager agreed to record the account as "Paid in Full." This month I recieved a statement with the balance still owing. The final manager I talked to ended the conversation and hung up on me when I got frustrated...I may just pay the balance because it is a small amount, but dont think that Citibank should have attempted the withdrawl. I paid in full for two statements...If anyone knows of a class action suit against Citibank for similar charges, I'd be interested in helping.

  • Ti
      27th of Jul, 2011
    +2 Votes

    I opened a credit line with Home Depot to take 50% off the purchase. I never received a bill, or my card. I received two emails saying that my statement was ready and when I clicked on the link to view the statement, I got an error message that the server could not be found. I tried to pay the initial balance of $49 through my online banking, but that required an account number. So I called Home Depot Consumer Credit Services. They asked me for my full name, social security number, email address, street address, and phone number. But when I asked them for my credit account number, they told me that they couldn't give me that information over the phone. WTF! They told me to go to my local Home Depot and have one of their people contact them and they could give a complete stranger my account number. They also couldn't get straight how much I owed. The first lady I talked to said my total balance due was $49. She told me that if I showed my California Driver's License to the check out clerk, they could access my account and I could pay the balance. When I did this, the check out person told me I owed a total balance of $81. When I told them the representative I previously talked to gave me a different balance. She suggested that I log onto the Home Depot Consumer Credit website to clear up the discrepancies over total balances due. So she wrote my account number on the back of my receipt. When I got home, I tried to access my account, but the online registration required the three digit security code on the back of the credit card they NEVER SENT!. When I asked why I hadn't gotten any billings or credit card mailed to me, they told me that I had "opted" for electronic billing. Besides that not being true (I never "opted" out of mailed billings) the fact that I never got a physical credit card with the associated three digit security code on the back, there was no way to pay my balance. Now after three months and a dozen or so automated harassment calls demanding payment (that I cannot do without the security code) I have more than lost my 50% savings in late fees.

    I refuse to pay late fees on a credit account that Home Depot made impossible for me to pay. The absolute incompetence is astounding! After being a faithful Home Depot customer for 20 years, I am about ready to switch over to Lowes...even if they are a little bit more expensive. I have a problem with rewarding such blasted buffoonery with continued patronage.

  • Ma
      22nd of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    my wife and i had some of the same type problems mentioned in the above complaints. it all started with a credit card issued by home depot and the purchase of a hot water tank, a weed whacker and some electrical wire for a home we just purchased. this card came with a no interest for one year and no payment for 6 months, i believe it was. this time went by and we had been making payments to our account regardless of the fact we didn't have to make them. when our billing started we continued making payments as usual, on time and so on. how ever the original bill for approx. $2100.00 was at $1900.0 and some dollars. it appears that while they say there is no interest for the 6 months or payments there was interest accumulating all along. here we were paying our bill for a year and it hardly touched the amount credited to us. as you can imagine our frustration that all this time we have been paying our bill it had barely touch the amount due. we kept on paying in hopes that if it was interest the bill would soon begin to show some positive improvement. in march 2011 wacovia bank sold out to wells fargo. when this happened the automated payment we had set up with home depot credit denied payment to home depot credit. it took approx. 2 or 3 days to find this out as home depot credit called us ( with a nasty attitude ). we explained that wells fargo had taken over our account and we didn't understand why they denied making the payment. my wife made the payment during that phone call which ment for the first time we were late but not by our doing. 2 weeks later home depot credit called again again and said we didn't make the payment. which we knew we did because of the first mistake wells fargo made. my wife went on line to make sure the payment went thru, which it did. they insisted we were a moth behind. after an hour of arguing on the phone my wife made another payment, including late fees. 2 more weeks went by and another call from, you guessed it, home depot credit, saying that there were some late fees that had now accumulated interest. we refused to pay this time and asked for a complete itemized record of our payment so we can compare their records with ours. our records as well as their showed all payments were made, including the late fee when wells fargo refused the automated payment. the only thing that didn't compare was this unbelievable interest rate for the late fee they said we didn't pay. even though our records show we paid it. so, no we are investigated unlawful billing practices. specially those that involve home depot credit. all the above information written by others sounds just like the hoe depot agents we spoke with. the nasty attitude and the it don't matter or count what you say we say this. even if one of their agent tells you one thing, you get another call from anther agent telling you something different and that the other agent told us wrong.
    i can't believe i am even having to write a blog like this. or that anyone would have to put up with a rude, yelling, unintelligent agent from a large company like home depot !! we are going to try and find an attorney because i do believe they practice unlawful billing, harassment and all the above. WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON'T APPLY FOR A CREDIT CARD FROM HOME DEPOT. BETTER YET TRY NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM ALTOGETHER!!!

  • Jy
      29th of Sep, 2011
    +2 Votes
    Card bill every month - Payment from my Card
    United Arab Emirates

    Hi I got a credit card amount from delmonwith a amount of 56 dhs dated 7th sep 2011.

  • Jo
      8th of Oct, 2011
    -1 Votes

    Other consumers would agree that Home Depot hires non-reputable sub-contractors to perform their work. They do not stand behind the work performed by these subs. Be careful! Check out this video!

  • Ma
      8th of Oct, 2011
    -1 Votes

    not only do all these stories match up with the problems we been having but it also reminds us of an on going late fee ( we paid 12 yrs. ) we had to deal with having done business with sears. i think that they have a system that they stick to, designed to create late fees and buy the time you think you've worked it out with them another late fee was charged during the time you were paying them for the other one. this is something that truly happened to my wife and i. we think we got it handled, ( having paid the late fee 3 time and paying it a fourth because it will be worth it, not ever hearing from them again ) so, approx 3 to 4 years go by and sears is calling us about this late fee again!!! what a night mare!!!
    i see the same system in affect or portions there of be utilized by Home Depot Credit. your online account is locked in so that you can not pay more or less than what they have it set for. we are a family that struggles daily with finances and i know there are far too many families like ours out there.
    no consideration to the fact that each day can bring un-needed surprises like a blown tire. so when i go to make your writing out you bills, due ti the expense of a new tire, one of the bills is going to be a tad short for lack of funds. no matter that you always pay your bills on time this company that didn't receive full payment . so, to help you out they add a $35 late fee to make matters worse for ya! it's a sign of the times. banks love customers like my wife and i. not having a cash flow causes us to juggle our bills. when we drop one the bank is very eager to cover the overdrawn ( by $2 ) and hand us a $35 fee for their kindness. this is the new day and age we live in - throw the elderly to the way side, cause heart ache for those that struggle day in and day out and when they faulter, don't help them,
    pounce on them and take all they have.
    they get their item back take it off their taxes and resell it to a scratch n dint. HOME DEPOT IS GOING TO BE LIKE THE REST, EVENTUALLY CLOSING STORES AND EVENTUALLY SELLING OUT TO ANOTHER COMPANY THAT WILL TAKE THE SAME PATH the reason this continues on is because it doesn't cost the companies that operate like this, it cost us!! so why not make a lot of money at the cost of others

  • Tr
      16th of Jun, 2013
    -2 Votes

    Capitalism gone conservative greedy. My wife and I just paid off our credit card with home depot $3995.57. We had an account for 10 yrs. Never late and never missed a payment. My wife decided she wanted a new washer and dryer. No interest if paid in full in 12 months. I paid them and they still charged me interest. I will now do 100% of my shopping at lowes or dixie line.

  • Ra
      21st of May, 2014
    -2 Votes

    I made a purchase of 576 dollars in March at what I understood and CONFIRMED with the store staff was a promotional and I would have 12 mos. of deferred interest. Now 2 months later after receiving my bill, I did not qualify for deferred interest due to the fact that I took the 5% off the initial purchase. Thats 28 dollars vs. 1 yr of payments interest free...would I have chosen the route if I had been informed...NO...I will be paying off my balance with Home Depot and will no longer do business with them. Seems they have become the Giants in the industry and do not give a damn about customer satisfaction. I will take my business to their competitor...I will get more satisfaction from them. Bon Voyage, Home Depot...keep up the bad tactics and you will continue to lose customers!

  • Mi
      6th of Jun, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I rented a dirt mover truck from Southington Home Depot. An unfortunate muddy hill tilted it to its side. I paid a private tow company to get it upright out of the mud that day. I was told about the oil filter problem because of its tilt. I paid in full the rental fees (now with penalties because of when it was originally due back.). Without receiving any bill or authorization to whom should replace the oil filter with a new, I receive a call from the rental stating I owe a $678.00 plus. There is no explanation or breakdown of why this oil filter change that I knew it needed had to be cost nearly $700.00. I had call many times about this issue and three separate call center departments told me that it is a private issue with the individual who supplies the machinery and not their problem. They just care about the rental fees and will not get involved with the other charges in my matter.They gave me this persons phone number- I called this individual who acted that "I killed his son..." and refused to give me his breakdown. I called back Home Depot who told me on a recorded line about this "standstill" and they told me that there will be no retribution because with the receiving of their rental fees they consider the matter closed.
    5 months later I get just a letter stating that Home Depot wants me just to pay 678.00 still owed for rental fees. Rental fees?
    Nobody checks anybody else's statements on recorded lines- no less.
    Needless to say I closed my commercial account. 5 grand spent a year now to Lowes-my new favorite store.

  • Fi
      22nd of Jun, 2014
    -1 Votes

    I was considering a remodel of my town home kitchen, dinning/living room back in spring of 2012. I was amazed with Home Depot having a promotional 3 year deferred interest offer. Never had I seen such a long deferred interest promotion. When the remodel job was done by 12/2012 I settled the Home Depot Credit Card balance into my banks online back payment system and set up the credit card for e-statement delivery. Today I just went into the credit card online account to see how thing where coming along. I would not have even checked on it because payments had been coming out of my bank right on schedule every month, but I was trying to get all my ducks in a row. There in the online statement is showed 24 month deferred interest, not 36 month. Was I seeing things? I don't think so. They argued with me that they never have offered 3 year deferred interest promotion. I know I didn't dream this up. Good thing I decided to check because if I had not paid it off next month I'd have owed them $4, 800 in deferred interest after 8/6/2014!!!

  • El
      3rd of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Home Depot Credit Cards are a scam.

    If your payment is short by even $1.00 - as mine was due to having the card set up in my repeating payments for online banking, they immediately start charging you late fees $35.00 against your entire balance. They will not notify you until your next billing cycle in your regular statement and then they will start calling you!

    No existing customer service until they got you and have penalized you in every way they can - increasing payment amounts, late fees, interest and more.

    So tired if this fiasco month after month after month. It is the only card that is problematic and I'm filled with regret even using this card after SUper Storm Sandy to repair my home. I'm paying for it three-fold.

  • To
      13th of Nov, 2014
    -2 Votes

    I agree totally. I purchased a washer and windows. My payments never seem to go down, instead the monthly charge kept increasing. They were also charging me promotional charges, more than what they were suppose too. I agree with everyone one this thread. I called and cancelled my card. I am really pissed. I do not have issues with my other creditors. Something needs to be done about homedepot.

  • Me
      6th of Jan, 2015
    -1 Votes

    we paid our home depot credit card in full in november 2014. No statement received in December. I receive a bill today stating I have $52 in late fees, they are stating they did not receive the payment on time. I call customer service, completely confused, to inquire. They are beyond rude to me over the phone. They claim they received the payment on 11/27 not 11/26 when the bill was due. I challenge them, stating I have my bank statement in front of me showing when they withdrew the money from my account. Their response is "well, there is nothing we can do. We didn't receive the payment." Ironically, 11/27 was Thanksgiving Day. What bank is open on Thanksgiving Day? What postal service delivers on Thanksgiving Day? I will never shop at Home Depot again.

  • Rh
      9th of Jan, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I am a former employee at the 95th street corporate store I am in disbelief about what is allowed to go on in the store by management. My former coworker Jasmine Zellman 1212-888-1512 x 347 is seeing a married man in the store and is making it completely uncomfortable for me to do my work so I quit. They allow to many employee relationships to damage the workflow. I am presently looking for a new job. Please do your work and leave to relations to outside activities.

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