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We ordered a Sportsmans 4000 Generater from Home Depot on-line in May, 2009, to power our camper. The weekend after receiving the generater we took it out camping and it ran fine and supplied more than enough electrical power. Three weeks later we took it along on our next camping trip. It started and ran for approximately 3 hours. It began coughing and sputtering and suddenly stopped running. We tried for about an hour to get it started again, checking the oil, fuel, connections, etc. and could not find any problems. Several hours later we again attempted to start it and it started up right away. We went into the camper and switched on a light and no power. We plugged in a work light and nothing. We finished our weekend trip with no power. We contacted Home Depot and they informed us that we would have to contact the online people, which we did. They told us there was a 30 day warranty and we were several days over that and they would not honor any warranties. They took another week to come up with their "NO EXCEPTIONS" decision. They told us to contact the manufacturer, Buffalo Tools. We contacted Biffalo Tools and spoke with a man who said he was sure he knew what the problem was and would send the parts right away. We waited another 10 days with no parts showing up. We again contacted Buffalo Tools and spoke with a young lady. After another week of sending information back anf forth, she said her technician was sending the part they felt was the problem. Another 7 days and the part showed up, and of course it was for a different generator. We called again, spoke to another man and he said he would send the parts he was sure would solve the problem. Another 7 days and the parts finally arrived. They were installed and did not solve the problem. Buffalo Tools was called again and they sent a Return Authorization. We took the return authorization to our local Home Depot and of course they would not honor it. We are now waiting for the on-line division to make a decision as to what they are going to do. So now the warranty from the manufacturer has expired and there is still no resolution. Tjis is not the first time we have had problems with Home Depot and their attitude is "oh well". We live in Elko, Nevada.

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  • Jl
      7th of Apr, 2010

    So you bought a product at home depot but are upset because the MANUFACTURER does not know how to fix it or can not fix it.. ? Why do people think that because they bought something somewhere that they are the end all cure for that product if it does not work right or breaks... it has a brand name on it... go through the manufacturer, if you are upset they will not warranty it.. take it higher to a manager or regional person.. not the store you bought it at..

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