465 Centre St, Quincy, MA, 02169, US

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bad customer service

The store located at
465 Centre Street, Quincy, MA 02169

The store manager of the Home depot store must have brain damage or have a pig head.

This store is located across from Quincy Adams subway station. The subway station itself has a parking garage, but during weekdays, it is very hard to find a parking spot inside the garage after 9:00am. So in this case, I had to park my car in the parking lot of the store. I thought since I always buy thing from Home Depot, I should be considered its customer, and that parking lot can park 1000 cars and only occupied by dozens, it would be no harm to Home Depot.

I WAS WRONG. After I backed after couple of hours, my car was towed. I was told that because I "left the property".
I was outrageous. I swear I will never buy anything from Home Depot again, since they don't consider me as one of their customer. What's wrong with those stores having restriction on their huge parking lot. Their action insulted their current and future customers. What's a bad PR.

Anyway, I can always go to Lowe's to buy things.
Go to hell, Home Depot