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Home Depot / worst service ever

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Well I just placed this order, however after reading many of the negative comments many of which seem to be in regards to problems with installation measurements etc. It's very important to note that many people in such trades have differant practices when doing measurements, such as carpet etc.
One of these reasons is associated with problems that may arise with which way the carpet may be instlled, some also order extra to be on the safe side.
And lastly many carpet mills have a minum carpet roll size which guarantees that price per square yard, any carpet rolls that must be put on a special order size requires added costs.

As an example sometimes ordering a larger roll is cheaper than ordering a special cut roll size.
Other's have complained about the condition in which their bed had arrived by the shipper, it is important to note that the shipping company is always responsible for the condition the carton is in when the item arrives upon delivery, and from that point it is the responsibility of the buyer to refuse and make a claim for damages with the shipper, (I have had to do this myself).
Once a customer refuses the product for the reason of damaged packaging the shipper will fill out a refusal slip and put the reason for the refusal on the form, (if the item is refused and not excepted no rma is required)in addition any other information may be added such as the specific damage of the carton, this protects you as the consumer, also it is important to note that retailer's never open packages they receive from the manufacturer's unless it is mean't to be a demo, therefor they have no idea of how the contents are packaged and it is unfair to blame any retailer for the lack of reasonable content protection in the packaging area.

One other poster stated it took over 10 days to receive their order, however notice that they ordered the product on 12/15/2006 that was 10 days prior to the Chistmas holiday, this is the busiest shipping and retail weeks of the year.

Do people not have any idea as to how many packages get misrouted, lost damaged during the holiday season? that person is one of the few that complain about everything, and probably have a long history of getting free meals at resturants, because the waitress didn't fill their drink ften enough.

eople need to stop being so selfish and start thinking for the better of us not me, or them.
Nothing is ever perfect, go buy a brand new car look at any of them on the car lot long enough and you will find imperfections, live with it.
Sure we should all struggle to make the best of things, and should not be taken advantage of, but we also should hold ourselves with the same manner of duty to humanity as we expect from anyone else, including a fictional entity we call corporations.


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