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I am an employee of a Holiday Inn Express in the Washington D.C. area. I have to say, I have never worked at a more racist, prejudiced company in my entire life. The constant racial comments towards African-Americans and Hispanics is unbelievable. The front desk staff is entirely republican which is no problem, but the constant remarks made my way about the President and my being a democrat are inappropriate. Live and let live! I make no remarks to these people, the remarks are unsolicited. I have noone to complain to, as the front desk manager is best friends with the General manager, and the general manager is engaged to the assistant general manager, and they are in turn best friends with the housekeeping manager. They have fired an employee, only to hire the front desk manager's brother to fill his job the next day. It is an uncomfortable working environment, and am very surprised they are still in business. They have specifically said that they WILL NOT hire hispanics, and the comments made about African Americans, especially on President Obama's inauguration day were appalling. Where can I as an employee go to make a formal complaint against them? The owner of the establishment has participated in these comments as well. I NEED HELP!

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  • He
      Jun 30, 2009
    Holiday Inn Express - Scam and cheating
    Holiday Inn Express
    United States

    Beware of the Holiday Inn Express advertised reseration rate called Advance Purchase--It is a scam! They will not accept a cancellation--even with 2 and 1/2 months notice. They take your money.

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  • No
      Jul 12, 2009

    My advice would be to read the cancellation policy more carefully before you book a room. Advance Purchase is classified as a discounted rate at all Holiday Inn's, which also comes with the policy that you have to pay everything in advance and there is no cancellation afterward. If you think that you will cancel at some point, Holiday Inn's always offers the option of booking at the Best Flexible Rate, which allows cancellation up to 6PM on the date of arrival. The cancellation policy is clearly visible on the website, and is always explained carefully when you book on the phone.

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  • Ro
      Jul 28, 2009
    Holiday Inn Oceanfront, Hilton Head - housekeeping
    holiday inn oceanfront
    Hilton head
    South Carolina
    United States

    tv wouldn't work. replacement tv also didn't work. finally found out that we had to try lto turn on about 15 times before it would work. remote would not work.
    housekeeping : never left washcloths, coffee service not done in 6 nights of sstay, no bath soap in room, did not replace dirty cups in room, only 1 trash can in room.
    location of motel great, and room was nice-just bad housekeeping

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  • Mi
      Jul 30, 2009
    Holiday Inn Downtown - Will never stay there again
    Holiday Inn Downtown
    United States

    Holiday Inn Downtown Atlanta we will never stay there again no way in hell.

    Would like to let you know that I will never ever stay in a Holiday Inn ever again.

    Now I made my reservation for my family The Caddell & Morrison back April for July 24, 25, 26, 09.

    Check in was 3pm now I was there early and was told that I couldn't check in until then ok fine.

    OK I know that so 3pm came and went, I was told 45min. came and went again I was told sorry but our rooms were still not ready. Now after setting for over 4 hours no place to change clothes no place to just chill out after all that time we were finley told that we could now get into our rooms.

    And all we got was a free breakfast, I feel that we should have got at least one night stay free. I was also told on that Saturday that I needed to talk to Ms. Adriane Stinson and that she would be in on that Saturday, an when I keep asking about when would she be in after weighting for about 1hr again I was told that she wouldn't be in after all.

    We all drove 5 to 9hours to get to Atlanta for our family Reunion and when we do get there we had to weight over 4 hours that's just not right. I will make sure that I tell this to all and everyone I know just how long we had to weight for a room.

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  • Wb
      Aug 16, 2009

    Comment was good! If this was booked on-line, you can't complete reservation without checking a RED BOX that says you understand the Cancellation Policy. READ what you are agreeing to!

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  • Wb
      Aug 16, 2009

    If it is as bad as you claim, I'd find another job!

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  • Ti
      Oct 04, 2009

    I agree completely with the comments.

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  • Ti
      Oct 04, 2009

    Go on merlin and call your area manager. Or your managment company if you are franchised.

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  • Di
      Oct 07, 2009

    i also work at a holiday inn express and i had started as a housekeeper and was given what was called a promotion to front desk supervisor, but my hourly wage was docked a quarter an hour.and whne i started front desk i was given a ratty, nasty uniform shirt to wear, which i have to sew myself, and is 2 sizes to big for me.everybody has new uniforms and also multiple when i only was given one..i was promised 40 hrs a week and never recieved such a thing.and also the gm is very close withthe other employees, and there is lots of gossiping between them...i enjoy my job but believe that i am being mistreated...any suggestions would help...

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  • Va
      May 28, 2010
    Holiday Inn Express - Identity theft/privac violation
    Holiday Inn Express
    United States




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  • Kh
      May 28, 2010

    all hotels do this. it is so if you run out on the bill they can track you down

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  • Ti
      May 28, 2010

    So who stole your identity?

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  • Ki
      Jun 02, 2010

    Yeah, every hotel I've ever stayed at does this. Exactly like khloee04 said... it's so if you try to scam out on your bill, they can find you and make you pay.

    So it's not a violation of privacy. It's to save their [censor] when you try to skip out on the bill.

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  • Ky
      Jul 10, 2010

    i to work at a holiday inn express. i have been there for about six yrs and the stuff i see going on there would make the owners just about flip. i have seen other employ just out right be rude to other workers and the gossip there o my gosh its worse then a soap opera. certain workers get things that others dont. our uniforms i was told we could wear certain cloths but when we go to wear them we get chewed out but u see other girls walk in with the same color and the r never told a thing. o and another thing we have alot of family working there alot to. certain people can milk the clock and others r rushed. were not aloud to be on our cells but the lady in office can sit there and be on hers all day. we cant have any vistors but office people can and that is supposed to be fair. all that place is a gossiping, rudeful, nasty infested place i feel sorry for our guest.

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  • Tr
      Oct 28, 2010
    Holiday Inn Express - Female manager has to learn respect and manners
    Holiday Inn Express
    United States

    My stay here was marred by the rude girl manager who was very disrespectful to me. We DO NOT talk to guests like they are minimum wage employees. Especially guests who hold advanced degrees and who are older than we are. She needs to learn some manners and not to drop out of college.

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  • Po
      Oct 28, 2010

    Is your degree, by chance, in underwater basket weaving?

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  • So
      Feb 10, 2011

    I also work at a holiday inn express and talk about rude and racist and out of control !!! its really been out of control in the last 2 years since they hired sum new lady that started as a front desk clerk to front desk manager and now she's the assistant general manager and to top it off they never even told the employee's that she was now the assistant general manger !!! she just came in one day flashing her new card !!! like I said OUT OF CONTROL from drug dealing to selling little girls to everything u can imagine !!! and the problem here is the owners are in on it !!! they think everything is hear say enless it has something to do with me or my manager !!! ive watched a front desk clerk sell a room to sum guy for a day use . the next day that room should be in as dirty and vacant lol and it was !! but when i knocked on the door so we could start cleaning it pple were in there !!! as it turned out when the guy answered it was now a local man with sum chick but the room was never rented to them !! it was givin to them and when i called the general manger to let him know since at that point it was goin on, on the regular he told me i was wrong it was still the guy from the day use !!! lol I love when they try and make me look wrong !!! I know it was 2 different men cause i seen both and my general manager told me well since they were both black men maybe they looked alike !!! are u freaking kinding me !!! anyway I dont know what this lady says and does to the owners to make them belive that me and my manager are the problem there but it seems like her and this night guy do no wrong but i will say when she gets upset with the night guy she's does call him the n word just like she talks about everyone that is there !! we hired a girl that preffers women, she talks nasty about her that shes a dyke and loks like a man !! we have young ladies that work the front desk she is always calling them drunks !!! its just out of control !! and the sexual harrasment this night guy watches porn on the computers and then we walk into a computer with private parts all over the screen but the owners and that lady seem to turn it around and blame it on the girls who go on facebook saying its their fault cause if u go on facebook porn pops up !! ok !!! IDK alls I do know is this place should be closed down . they think they got slaves over there, they dont respect any women insept that lady for sum reason but like I said who know what she does for them !!! everytime they owners there shes locked in the office with him !!! these franchise places that have private owners should have a better way of controlling these places !! they are more worried about upgrade and spending the owners money then making sure the employee are being treated with respect and making sure they arent being abused !!! I really cou;d go on 4 ever there is story after story but i think u get my drift !!! thers so much abuse in hotels and I personally think that the housekeepers should be hired at more then $7.35 hr since the front desk gets hired at $8.25 oh enless ur a man in housekeeping then u get the same as the front desk !! oh and when i asked why the housekeppers are hired at less then the front desk i was told they have brains thats why !! mean while sum of our housekeepers have been there ffor 6 years and they still make less then $ 8 an hour !!! its slavery !!! They play too many games at this hotel and its completley out of control !!!

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  • Mg
      Mar 10, 2011

    i dont get paid my over time, i got 10hr taken from my first check for uniform and badge (8months ago) i just got my raggy two sizes to big colored shirt a month ago. these owners here are not organized. we all get paid 7.50 and i do the night audit and breakfast. no appreciation is given and they are never and do wrong. even a poor calculator is to blame if numbers dont add up . family owned business are mostly great right? not this one. the daughter is the stand by general manager when they are gone for weeks. she talks about other employees and guest like they dont matter. if i fix something she takes the credit and leaves a note of what "she" did. even said at one point " a**** did this, prob to make my like more difficult, but I HAD to fix it. lets learn how to read guys okay " yeah talk about unprofessional!!!

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  • Mi
      Mar 20, 2011

    I work at the Holiday Inn Express, and I would like to know how others are run when it comes to housekeeping. When I show up to work ON TIME, the head housekeeper (and sometimes other housekeepers) have already arrived and stripped my rooms. Every day. Now, I know that some guests leave a tip. I would like to be the first one in my rooms to see if they have left a tip, not just assume they didn't because the person who went in there first didn't give it to me. This is every day! I have never been handed any money from my rooms, or have never found a tip in my rooms that were already opened. So basically, I never get a tip. But I think the head housekeeper is getting a nice little bonus for checking my rooms first, then sitting the rest of the day in the laundry room. Anyone have a phone number or someone to contact, that would be GREAT! Oh, and by the way, the boss has said if tips are brought up again, she will place signs in all the rooms telling guests NOT to leave tips. So the head housekeeper has it made, in my opinion! She gets to keep checking all the rooms first, seeing if there is a tip, and noone can complain.

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  • Pi
      Jul 10, 2018

    @miss_mad I am currently going thru the same situation...what was your outcome??

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  • Ha
      Sep 16, 2011
    Holiday Inn Resorts - Fraud
    Holiday Inn Resorts
    United States

    Starred from Mr. Frank Joel <[protected]>
    reply-to [protected]
    date Wed, Jun 2, 2010
    subject Holidayinn Resort Hotels.

    Holidayinn Resort Hotels.
    London Kensington Forum.
    97, Cromwell Road.
    sw7 4dn, London.

    Dear Job Seeker,

    This is to inform you that we found your CV interesting in one of the resume database web sites ( and we have decided to contact you to notify you about our selection of reliable workers On behalf of staffs and managements of Holiday Inn Hotels Kensington London .

    I wish to inform you that there are vacancies for employment in our reputable Hotel. These vacancies were created as a result of the temporary onward relocation of our foreign expatriate staffs that will go for further training, while others were sent on compulsory retirement due to there official retirement period. As a result the Hotel hereby advertises the following job vacancies to suitably qualified candidates. We also require teachers that can tutor workers while on further training. Below are the vacancy and payment. Payment are paid in UK local currency.


    Account Department - ₤25 per hour
    Chefs - ₤18 per hour
    Cleaning the Hotel Room - ₤15 per hour
    Computer Operators - ₤25 per hour
    Deputy Manager - ₤45 per hour
    Drivers - ₤18 per hour
    Electricians/plumbers - ₤15 per hour
    English Teachers - ₤28 per hour
    Entertainers - ₤18 per hour
    Hotel representative (Location- London and USA ) - ₤3500 Monthly
    Hotel Web Site Developer/Mantanance - ₤30 per hour
    Human Resource Manager - ₤35 per hour
    Medical Attendant - ₤40 per hour
    Receptionist - ₤25 per hour
    Reservation Desk - ₤25 per hour
    Sales in the Bar - ₤25 per hour
    Security - ₤25 per hour
    Washing Cars in the Hotel - ₤20 per hour
    Washing Dishes - ₤20 per hour
    IT Consultant - ₤35 per hour
    Techinacians - ₤25 per hour
    Network Administrator and Developer - ₤30 per hour


    * Your age must be 18 years and upward.
    * Generally your education must be above secondary education.
    * Must be reliable and trustworthy.
    * Must be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the Rules and regulations guiding the operations of the Hotel
    * Those seeking for higher position such as Human Resource managers,
    Assistant Manager e.g must have must obtained qualification
    And working experiences which could be relevant to the position being Sort for

    If you interested, send your application/CV to The General Manager (Mr. Frank Joel) via email address ([protected] for standard application and procedures. The hotel management will apply for the work permits and visas of all candiadtes at the UK Home Office (British Embassy).

    If you require urgent attention towards this present recruitment, call

    Mr. Frank Joel,
    ( for the management).


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  • Bl
      Sep 29, 2011

    I recently quit my job at holiday inn express in Buda TX because i couldn't take anymore discrimination and humiliation. My biggest reason for quitting was for the fact that the manager's wife (Arti Patel) who is nobody would boss everyone around telling everyone what to do. I guess she thought she could do that since the manager (Raj Patel) is never there he's only there Saturday and Sunday. So if something goes wrong in the hotel we have to fix it ourselves or not fix at all. They don't over time, also they don't pay the housekeeping personnel by the hour but by rooms! I think its very unfair because those ladies work very hard and they don't get paid for what they do. There's s employees that have been working there for more than a year and have been promised a raise and never got one. When they do ask for a raise the manager always tells us that there's no money. There is no sick pay or vacations and on holidays they don't pay overtime, there's no benefits what so ever or any kind of insurance. They still owe me hours that they did not pay me and i'm not the only one they did that to. That whole hotel is a mess, that the housekeepers never have enough supplies to clean the rooms. I had a very i repeat very bad experience working there i loved doing what i was doing but i couldn't work with the manager's wife she constantly picked on me about every little thing I felt discriminated. I thought working at a holiday inn express would be a better experience for me but it was the total opposite next i'll think twice before working at a Holiday Inn Express That's independently owned. To the manager there is making the company's name look really bad.

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  • Ar
      Oct 04, 2011

    I have worked at two diff hotel chains, LQ and HDIExpress...both owned by the Patel clan, and one corporate LQ. My take on this is that ALL hotels will work you to the bone and pay minimum wage, screw you out of OT, full-tilt gossip, lacadasical management if any at all, favoritism, and so on. I think its just the industry. Franchises are famous for messing with paychecks and hours. My advise, xerox your time cards. Right now, a job is a job, and that really is rough since these people take full advantage of that. I personally get sick of being treated as if my value is less than livestock. Maybe its a cultural issue, maybe people are just rude and tactless, and maybe its just the level of crap we all have to deal with until something better comes along. Report payroll issues with the EEOC. For everything else, try a bloody mary before shift and a Xanax after. Good luck all .

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  • Fr
      Feb 02, 2012

    Unlike all of you, I WAS a patron at the Holiday Inn Express in Absecon NJ, that's right Absecon!! Stephanie, the front desk manager was having a bad day evedently. I used to work for a company for whom I traveled for to different job sites to work. Very nice job and I thought I was going to retire there!
    What Stephanie did to me and my life is unfogivable:( I held an AMEX Corp card with my company and I am also a gold card member at Holiday Inn! Thats how much I have frequented Holiday Inns! On this particular day, I had one of my co-workers with me. I had to use my card to get him a room and asked him to sign up for his points card at Holiday Inn so he could start earning points. This "co-worker" is bi-polar and drinks a LOT!! I'm a recovering alocoholic going on 28 years and happy to say that!!
    Co-worker was being very rude and demanding at the desk and i was trying to calm him down. Stephanie was not even at work when this happened but she managed to write my corpoarate office about what happened but switched the names - i assume she was looking at my AMEX card info.
    The guy who actually waited on us was VERY nice and I talked to him about my trade as he said he would like to find a better paying job. When I finally got to talk to him after all this happened, hoping he could help me get to the securiy camera footage, he proceeded to tell me that he wes told by Stephanie that if he helped me, he would be terminated!!!
    Now I am without a job as my company would not even listed to my side of the story because the letter was so bad!! The co-worker would not fess up to what she had done by switching the names either. Seems like Stephanie and the project manager for the sight I was at - not my boss by the way - was in kahoots~!
    I feel all of your all's pain as I can't find out who to complaint to either because the hole Hotel is in on it too and they won't refer me to who they report to and I am still searching to find who that is!!! HELP!! IS ANYONE OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP!!!??

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  • Br
      Jun 27, 2012
    Holiday Inn Plainview - Lack of Customer Service
    Holiday Inn Plainview
    215 Sunnyside Boulevard
    New York
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    On Tuesday, June 19, 2012, our company held a function in the Hampton South room at the Holiday Inn Plainview; the hotel is independently owned and operated by Plainview Hospitality, LLC. / ABLE Hotels / ABLE Management Group, Inc. According to the sign in the lobby, there was supposed to be an Assistant GM on duty, but when I asked to speak with him I was told that he wasn’t in and that there was no manager on duty.

    The function we were holding was a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminar for potential clients. We had two sessions. There was a breakfast session that began at 8:00AM and a lunch session that began at 12:00PM. We had 50 attendees for breakfast and 47 attendees for lunch. Our final bill, which I have included, was for $2, 234.44.

    My mother, who is the President of the company, her sales assistant, and I arrived at the hotel at 7:15AM to begin our setup. When we arrived, the room smelled; it smelled because no one had cleaned up from the room’s previous occupants so there was a pungent odor coming from the trashcan. There was trash left inside the podium and the floors were filthy. (Please see photos.) I would stipulate to the fact that my mother and I could be considered to have high standards when it comes to cleanliness, but this was not a case of our standards being too high; it is absolutely a case of the Holiday Inn Plainview’s standards being too low. The condition of the room would have failed to meet Pigpen’s standards for cleanliness.

    When we arrived, the staff had already begun to set up the food. It was quite clear they had no intention of emptying the trashcan or vacuuming the floors so we had to specifically ask for those things to be done. By no means were they done in a speedy manner either; in fact, I had to tell them to forget about finishing the floors because our attendees had begun to arrive.

    Unfortunately, the day actually went downhill from there. The entire day was a struggle. Everything took multiple requests before it was completed. When we ran out of food at lunch, it took nearly 20 minutes before more food arrived. We never should have run out of food in the first place because we actually had three fewer attendees than we guaranteed. Plus, someone from the banquet staff should have been accessible to monitor the room.

    Every time we asked someone to do their job we were greeted with attitude. During the break between the breakfast and lunch sessions, we tried to speak with the banquet manager, who was also our salesperson, about the situation. However, she was completely useless and she obviously set the tone for everyone else that we were forced to deal with. I have never before met a group of people that apathetic about their jobs who don’t work for the government.

    Not only did the Holiday Inn Plainview make us look bad in front off our potential clients, the attendees, they made us look bad in front of our speakers both of whom are current clients.

    Honestly, if I don’t cut myself off at some point, this could easily become a six-page letter. As a result, in the interest of saving time, I am going to quickly discuss some additional items:
    • The door to the room was broken which meant that it wouldn’t stay closed unless it was locked, which would have created a disturbance every time someone needed to use the bathroom; therefore, we had to leave the door to the room open even though there was construction noise from the renovations we were told were finished and there were workmen moving through the entryway on a regular basis.
    • The entryway for the Hampton South room, which all of our attendees got to see as they were signing in for the CLE, is being used for storage. The entryway wasn’t any cleaner than the Hampton South room as you can see by the random saltshaker on the bar and fork on the floor. (Please see photos.)
    • There was a floor lamp in the Hampton South room that was missing two of its three shades so the CFL bulbs were visible. When I went over to the lamp thinking to move it out of the room, I noticed all the exposed wiring and decided to leave the lamp instead of risking a shock. (Please see photos.)
    • There was a decorative table in the entryway for the Hampton South room that was so dusty you can clearly see the tread from someone’s shoe where they stepped on the base. (Please see photos.)
    • Even though we guaranteed 50 for the breakfast session, there were 20 yogurts and a few assorted Danish; it was pathetic. (Please see photo.)
    • The soda for the lunch sessions was in liter bottles instead of cans. We have been holding multiple CLE seminars a year for several years now and I have never seen anything like this before. This was something we were paying decent money for not a backyard hoedown. (Please see photo.)
    • Since the renovations had not been completed as we were told they had been, all of our attendees, some of whom were in poor physical condition, had to walk through the construction zone to use the restrooms in the lobby.
    • Unsurprisingly, given the standards being set by the Holiday Inn Plainview’s employees, the contractors were doing a truly horrendous job of cleaning up the dangerous construction debris. Due to the season and the fact that we knew we would be sitting behind a table signing attendees in and our feet wouldn’t be seen, my mother’s sales assistant and I both opted for comfort and wore sandals. Consequently, we had to be extremely careful on all of our many trips to the front desk. I don’t know what it was all over the floor, but I do know it looked extremely sharp. (Please see photo.)
    • There was a huge Progressive truck parked outside the exterior entrance to the room. I actually heard several of our attendees having a discussion about the spokeswoman, “FLO, ” being the most annoying woman on television. I happen to disagree, but that is not the point. The problem is that they were focused on another company when we were paying you to have them engaged with our company. (Please see photo.)
    • When we were settling up our bill at the end of the day, I had a question about the service charge. The Director of Sales came out to answer my question and it seemed like she thought their abominable behavior was a joke. I don’t find the way we were dealt with amusing.

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  • Su
      Jul 02, 2012
    Holiday Inn Express - Pricing in a state of emergency
    Holiday Inn Express
    United States

    On Friday night 6-29-12 our area was hit by a massive tornado like storm that knocked out the power in our area and throughout the state. I could not get home due to downed power lines and trees and was forced to go back to town and try to get a room for the night. I managed to get one at the Holiday Inn Express along with a lot of others that were basically trapped. One of the workers there at the desk was asked if we could get a discount because it was an emergency. He told us that he had called his boss and they told him that since it was 'an act of nature' and not their fault that we would have to pay the basic charge to stay in a room that had no power and the window in the room only open about an inch to 2 inches. It was a very hot night and with the storms, myself and the others that stayed there had no choice but to stay. The power did not come on until about 3:45am the next morning and it and I think that should have received some kind of discount other than the regular AARP or AAA discounts that they already offer and I think that having to pay $94.55 for a room with no power, air, working elevator and a window that barely opened was a little too much. We should have been offered something cheaper since it was indeed a case of emergency.

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  • Be
      Jul 04, 2012
    Holiday Inn Express - No rooms At 4:00pm
    Holiday Inn Express
    United States

    I HAD reserved two rooms at Holiday Inn Express in Huntsville, Texas. When I arrived at 4:00pm on July 27, the clerk tells me I have one room and there are no other rooms available. I gave him both of my confirmation numbers and he tells me he can not look up those numbers. I even asked if there was a possible suite.

    Once again at 4:00 pm in afternoon he says there are no rooms available. The clerk was not willing to help in anyway. I have been trying to talk to a manager and a manager has not been there since Wed.

    This is sad that there are no managers on the premises. Most businesses have at least 1 manager at all times on the premises.

    After dealing with this situation and it still has not been resolved to credit my credit card I will no longer do business with Holiday Inn.

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  • Ho
      Dec 14, 2012

    Hello Dear,
    I googled a lot for a place where I can find a place to tell the people sitting at the top that how the the people below them are working and ruining there business. I am talking about "Holiday Inn (Brentford Lock London)". Too many things to bring under your notice:
    1 All Manager, GM and AM know each other, therefore if there is any complain regarding Manager, it is resolved easily by AM without any proper action.
    2 Almost all the GM of same locality know each other, therefore if I can't find any growth in my hotel and apply in another branch, it is declined by another on request of our GM.
    3 Front Office Manager takes share in the commission sent by taxi group, but never give anything to any porter.
    4 Front office staff is helping reservation, accounts and restaurant, but when it comes to front office there is no one to help.
    5 New policy that is STRICTLY CONDEMN by the guest is telling that we are not providing anymore room service. They can come down to see our new open kitchen and can also save 3 pounds (What a fun), I would like to ask all the HOD's if they have ever stayed in a hotel, paying more than 200 pounds for a night and still caring about 3 pounds for room service, I feel pity on people making such policies.
    6 Couple working in the hotel. The Wife is Accountant and the husband is Receptionist. Front Office Manager, even after knowing this employed the receptionist (may be because he knows him personally). This does not give a healthy atmosphere to work as the receptionist is found hugging and chatting with accountant in the account office. Though Front Office Manager is also engaged with the only reservation staff, but their relation is very professional.
    7 Front Office Manager hiring people from non hotel background even when he have resumes of the people from hotel background (Is it because he is looking for beautiful girls or he is looking for someone who always keep their head down)
    8 GM is giving 100 pound room as complimentary, over a complain of 10 pound breakfast. Not only this, the room that is given to the guest is not the guest who complain about the breakfast, but his friend.
    I don't feel that anything could happen even if I write this to the AM, therefore I want to write it to someone who really care about the growth of the hotel.
    I have done my part, now its your turn, I will get another job, another hotel, but I guess you don't want to spoil the name of your brand.

    Well Wisher

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  • Ad
      Apr 28, 2013

    I work at a holiday inn and i can that alot of comments towards hispanics arent pleasent. I had someone tell me dont speak spanish were in america. What i thought it was a benift to be biligual. Iam the only hispanic at the front desk. everyone interacts amongs eachother except me. Im here to do a job no gossip about pepole or things. I keep to y self i do my job at the best of my ablity. i notice all the housekeepers are hispanic all of then get paid equaly except 2. why same job. do they have the right to complain.Just because some dont speak english i dont think they should be treated diffrent. I dont know what it is. Look most hipanics are so hard working were so loyakl to our family and take things very serious. In mexico there isnt much. In the us with a visa we can work, so we take advantage of that. All we want is to be treated equal rather we speak english or not if the job done we expect our pay. I seen the maids job get done. You walk in that room I promise you it will be spotless. its sad my race gets toss around like that. I speak english and spanish i read an write both thank god. Im going to make a change so pepole can see we just want to feed our families. we mean no harm. If we have the right let us work!

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  • Ha
      Jul 13, 2013

    I work at the Holiday Inn Express in Martinsville, Indiana.
    I have a lot of the same problems already mentioned but just felt the need to vent a little.
    I also have the problem of working with people that are related to each other. The housekeeping manager's daughters work there. They all do whatever they want the rest of us (that aren't related) have to work harder to pick up their slack. The housekeeping manager and her daughters milk hours too.
    I don't get any breaks. They all smoke and take as many breaks as they want for as long as they want. They come in late, eat as much as they want out of the hotel kitchen.
    Today I was made to clock out and work off the clock.
    If they bothered to do any drug testing they would probably lose half of their employees because most of them are on meth.
    It sucks because I live in a small town and really need this job. I'm one of the most dependable and one of hardest workers there but they treat me like I'm a dime a cattle..heck, if I can't or won't put up with the mistreatment..there are a hundred other people waiting to fill the position in this economy.

    We also have raccoons that get trapped in the dumpster and can't get out, usually babies. They won't get them out. They leave them in there to die a slow painful death from dehydration because there is no water in there. It takes days for them to die but no one seems to care about it but me. It is very sad and horribly inhuman.
    I have volunteered to get them out but they won't let me. If the maintenance man is there he will get them out but if not, they just sit in there and die of thirst.
    I wish there were some other place that would hire. I hate working here

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  • Te
      Dec 11, 2014

    I Donabell Panis previosly working at Crowne Plaza Bahrain for almost 9 years with employee number 2713 started from July 2006 until December 2015 as telephone operator for my 9 years experienced i dont have any problem with my colleaugue, managers and other department only one thing i dont like upon exit and did my clearance was terribly an acceptable attitude one Lady working in Human Resource department she Filipina and her name is Ms. Rose Molina i just wrote this message just because my concern about her bad attitude she's very rude and unprofessional behavior, not only me complaining about her attitude but also a lot of crowne plaza staff processing their documents during their exit or clearance or vacation leave and etc. I am also a filipina but shes not helpful and approachable with me as KABAYAN or fellow filipino I don't feel shes deserving for her job as talent resource manager. Please try to call or come to crowne plaza hotel, bahrain to give her staff survey because it will be happen again to some other staff if nobody can advise her about her attitude. Hope this kind of attitude will take action from the IHG. Thank you and God bless!

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  • He
      May 26, 2015

    I was told by reservation that the hotel will honor our 501C3. Upon arrival we were told they would not! We are a young group that count every penny. To be lied to and then charged an unexpected rate was unacceptable!

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  • Su
      Jun 01, 2018

    Work as housekeeper in Altus Oklahoma, management is very unorganized don't make schedules or ratate days off. Has over a full staff on weekdays when slow but a skeleton crew on weekends when hotel is at 100% occupied. Spend more time waiting on getting supplies and linens due to not enough. Having to go back to rooms to finish because of this.

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  • El
      Sep 05, 2018

    Call this number ... they will take your complaint. Confidential Disclosure Channel From an outside line dial direct for your location:
    United States [protected]
    EthicsPoint is NOT an Emergency Service:

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