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Hobbytron / All-around bad shopping experience

525 Park Avenue.San Fernand, CA, United States Review updated:
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Unbelievable is the only way I can describe my Hobbytron experience! Please, please, DO NOT EVER patronize this terrible online company!!! For starters, my son ordered an Airsoft gun from Hobbytron, and my credit card was promptly charged, on July 6, with the promise of "3 to 5 business day delivery." When the gun hadn't arrived as of July 28, I began a trail of four emails and three phone calls (leaving messages, never returned) that ultimately resulted in a note saying the company had moved from Utah to California and most of its sales force didn't make the move. I sent off another barrage of emails and finally received the gun August 11--sort of. It was a clearly used gun, complete with a long ugly scratch, and the three vital screws needed to put it together were missing. I contacted the company by phone and the manager never called back, despite two messages. I told a sales rep to please send a new gun immediately, since my son had been waiting for five weeks now, and I would send the old one back. No way, she said: I had to go back to the Web site to submit a return authorization form. Only when the form was approved would they accept the gun back and send another. At this point I just said I wanted my money back. I told her I had already spent several hours on my Hobbytron nightmare and asked her to just handle this over the phone, but she rudely refused. I went to the Web site and on the return form they ask about two dozen questions, most of them demeaning ("Did you drop or damage the merchandise? Please answer honestly"). I have NEVER had a shopping experience as ugly and vulgur as this one, and urge consumers everywhere to STAY AWAY FROM HOBBYTRON!!!


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  25th of Sep, 2008
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I got ripped off too!

  12th of Nov, 2008
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My son used his own money ($80 plus $20 shipping) to buy an airsoft gun from Hobbytron.com. When it finally came, he charged the battery for 4 hours, per their website, and the gun never worked correctly. The trigger was hard to pull and the barrel didn’t fit correctly into the handle and was really loose. Other parts were hard to take apart. So, I contact Hobbytron to find out what to do about returning the defective product, and they said I had to request an RMA#. They can’t accept returns without that number. OK, fine, no problem. That process involved filling out a lengthy form and answering lots of questions about exactly how the airsoft gun was handled from the time we received it. I submitted the request, and the next day got a response that said, “Sorry, you didn’t charge the battery as instructed in the user’s manual, so the warranty is void”. That’s when I lost it. First, the instruction manual says charge the battery for 12 hrs, not 4 as instructed on the website, and second, no info on the warranty and what activities void the warranty was in the package. Not to mention that the gun’s pieces and parts didn’t fit together correctly. Anyway, after being the B word to the customer service girl, they issued me an RMA# but told me they had to review the manual themselves and then they would decide whether or not they were going to issue a store credit. A refund was out of the question b/c the package had been opened, but of course you can’t determine if its defective until you open the package, so right off the bat you’re screwed. So, there’s a chance I may only get a store credit of 20% of the merchandise, which barely covers the cost of shipping the junk back and forth.

In their return policy it also states that if you dispute the charge with the credit card company, Hobbytron will charge you a $50 administrative fee!
  28th of Nov, 2008
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I bought a couple airsoft guns from hobbytron.com and after about six months of the guns not being delivered i asked for my money back and told them i never received the guns and they denied my money back saying that i received them when i did not i checked the order form and it had the correct address so clearly they are rip off artists but besides that they do have good price just crapy service and bad quality of guns
  28th of Nov, 2008
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im sorry i didnt think of this earlier but i know a really great site no rip offs there i have ordered count less guns from these websites www.shortyusa.com, www.airsoftgi.com wwwand airsplat.com and another ok site is www.speedytoys.com thanks for reading my comments
  9th of Dec, 2008
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Hobbytron.com - horrible company
United States

I ordered airsoft guns for my kids for christmas, they sent me 3 random guns "in place" of the guns I ordered. Which were obiously cheaper than the ones I ordered. After trying to get a hold of them for over 2 hours, I finally spoke to 2 costumer service reps which were completely rude and unhelpful and were not willing to correct my order in any way. They claimed that I had agreed to their company policy which stated that if an item becomes unavailable they can replace it (without notifying you) with basically whatever item they feel is similar to the one you ordered. All I wanted was to receive the guns I ordered. The only option they gave me was to return the guns I ordered and pay the shipping and then reorder the guns when they became available and pay their rediculous shipping once again. After stating their policy once again she hung up on me. I have never in my life dealt with a company that had such horrible customer service. Do not order from this company, you never know what you might end up with, and then you are stuck with it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!
  22nd of Dec, 2008
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I have a similiar situation. I ordered 2 r/c nitro cars for approx $500. They did not ship the cars I ordered and instead shipped two of the same generic looking race cars. These are gifts for my son and husband so I didn't want two that look identical. Also I ordered a package deal that is supposed to come with accessories and half the accessories were not included. I also believe these were used items because they were not properly secured in the boxes, the boxes had holes cut into them and the car bodies have scuffs on them. We haven't ran them yet because of the missing supplies. I have tried for two days to contact the company via phone and email and have not gotten any response.
  24th of Dec, 2008
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I got an airsoft gun from Hobbytron last Christmas, it seemed a good deal, it wasn't too expensive, it had a good fps, and battery life, but it never seems to work when I need it to. I have had to get 2 new batteries for it already, (the charger fries them), and I've had to send it in for repairs once because the motor disengaged from the firing mechanism. I got an expensive piece of crap to say the least.
  9th of Feb, 2009
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I ordered an airsoft gun for my son's Christmas. The gun came to me fast but was broken. In the box was a bag with the pieces that were broken. Tried for 2 weeks to contact them through email and phone with no responce. had my credit card company do a charge back then 10 days latter I got an rma number. Was concerned becouse now I reorderd throught a different company and just wanted to get refund not exchange. Could not get then to answer phone for 3 weeks. when I finnally talked to someone they told me even if I shiped them the gun they would not give me my money back becouse of the charge back policy. Hum why would you need that policy? DO NOT SHOP HOBBYTRON!!!
  12th of May, 2009
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My wife ordered an airsoft gun and mistyped our address. UPS returned the gun to Hobbytron. After several emails and endless "redial" phone calls, was able to speak to a "customer rep". The only option was to receive in-store credit due to our mistake. This conclusion was 4 months after the initial purchase of the item. There was no consideration of being a return customer. So, had to repurchase the airsoft gun and hope that it will arrive this time. There will be no futher purchases from this on-line store.
  22nd of Jun, 2009
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My friend ordered his gun nearly a month ago and he still dosn't have it! Hobby tron started explaining that it was "out of stock" My friend clearly saw that there were no messages saying out of stock on the computer. his father spent days trying to contact hobbytron and he is still unsuccsesful. I don't know if hobbytron is a horrid website, i just think they completely forget some orders. It's probably a 25% chance you'll be ripped off.
  22nd of Jun, 2009
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i ordered an airsoft gun before labor day 2009, now it is the 21st of june and they still haven't shipped my gun out yet. All hobbytron has is excuses. I want a refund!!
  2nd of Nov, 2009
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STAY AWAY FROM HOBBYTRON.COM. I wish I had read these complaints before. My son ordered an airsoft gun from this terrible company. The product was defective, and the company is worse. Their on-line form for such complaints treats the customer like a criminal. Their responses are automated. It is hard to get a live person. But, even when I did, she was a real dullard.

This is a terrible company. More people need to become savvy to he dishonest treatment of this on-line company. This is one business that needs to go chapter 11. Heed these negative comments. This company needs to go out of business.
  16th of Jul, 2012
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We too had a horrible experience with HobbyTron July 2012!!! They sent broken merchandise and 2 other items that came with our merchandise didn't fit the product that it was suppose to be for. We called to get a refund and because we opened the box they said that we could not have a refund because we agreed to their terms. I told them no where in their terms was there any notice that our merchandise would be broke and shipped with the wrong parts. They could not even replace our item cause now it's out of stock so all we can do is have store credit after paying the shipping to send the broken and wrong items back. I would think twice about ordering from this company. They have terrible customer service, send wrong and broken items and to top it off will not refund you when you open the box and discover that your is wrong and broken... I guess this is our fault for trusting that you are getting a new item when you place your order at this store. Oh and good luck reaching anyone!! You have 30 days to get your item shipped back to even get store credit... Good luck with that. And be sure to check your spam cause after many e-mails all of the sudden when you need to get the return authorization for some reason now it goes to SPAM!!! What a joke of a company!!!
  19th of Dec, 2016
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Dishonest company, please buy from anywhere but hobbytron

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