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We were shopping in the Hobby Lobby store #340 on 7.9.10. We went there specifically to purchase all floworal and all wedding decorations for an outside wedding for my daughter in 1 1/2 months. The groom-elect has a broken leg with two steel plates and 11 screws and is no weight bearing and he came with us to help. We had ask to leave his crutches at the front and he was using the wheel chair with the buggy on it. We had been shopping for a couple of hours and were very pleased with what we had found. My buggy was full and so was the cart on the wheelchair. We had to go to the crafts department to look for something when a female employee that was more manly looking and female approach us and said that when we got through with the wheelchair would we bring it to her because there was another customer that needed it. We understand there are alot of people who have disabilities and I totally understand as I work in a nursing home and have worked in a hospital 30 years privious to that but that employee should have never came up to us and told us that. The other customer's family should have been told that the only chair that you had was being used and she was sorry. We were not through getting everything that we needed but needless to say, we didn't buy anything else. Not only did the groom-elect not want to be in the wheelchair to begin with, it made him mad that someone would say that to him. Then when we did get to the front and give her the wheelchair, my daughter and him went on to the car and while I was being checked out the employee came by pushing the wheelchair across the front of the store by the check out stands and the person whose relative needed the wheelchair, (which she came up to us at the craft center and ask us if we would find her when we were through the chair right after the employee came over there)and she was right behind the employee. The employee turned around after flipping a wheely with the wheelchair and asked the customer that was walking did she want to ride? I was furious by this time. If we had not found all the exact stuff that we wanted and the price was affordable, I would have left the two buggies sitting in the back of the store and walked out. We live in Taylor, AR and we have family and friends that shop at Hobby Lobby all the time, particularly that one. I have an aunt that spends thousands of dollars in there and she highly recommended you guys. You are not the only Hobby Lobby within driving distance and I don't know that I will ever visit #340 again. I think your employees need a speech about the customer is priorty and not their friends whom they might know. I hope this never happens to anyone else that chooses to shop in your store. The young people communicate on facebook and Hobby Lobby was not a favorite topic on facebook on Friday afternoon, 7.9.10. I truly hope you as a manager took care of diciplining this employee. And by the way, Daniel the cashier who checked me out was very nice and did his job wonderfully. He should be told "Good Job".

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  •   Aug 05, 2011

    "and said that when we got through with the wheelchair would we bring it to her because there was another customer that needed it."

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this at all. I feel like I'm missing something?

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