HMSHostpoor product selection

Ardsley Service Plaza on southbound side of NY State Thruway. You have both a Burger King and a Popeyes at this location. Went to Burger King and asked for a grilled chicken sandwich and was told they didn't have it. I asked what chicken do you have and was told we are out of chicken (this was at 3PM). I went next to the Popeyes and got a prepackaged chicken ceasar salad. I asked for dressing when I paid and was told we are all out everything except for Ranch and was given a packet of Ranch that had dried food remnants on it. The cashier said if you want to walk next door to Burger King they might have others. I paid $14.24 for this meal. Terrible management and service. Your complaint form asks the zip code of the restaurant. I am a would I possibly know this. The store ID is 4NYPOP13. i don't know the Burger King number

Feb 03, 2017

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