HMSHostcustomer service at starbucks d gates

I am an airline employee. I walked up to the register. The girl standing there was drawing on one of the sacks. She would not look up at me. I stood there for a full 2 minutes before finally saying 'can I order a drink?' She looks up at me and says 'yes, what do you want' I ordered a drink and she rings it up like I'm an inconvience, does not offer the employee discount and says the amount while she taps at the scanner since I was paying with my phone. Doesn't say anything else other than asking my name for the cup.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVI asked her if she had worked there long and she said awhile. I told her she really needs to work on her customer service skills. I don't appreciate being treating like a bother or an inconvience especially when I am paying $5 for a drink. I work in the same sort of business and I'd have lost my job a long time ago if I treated my customers this way. She obviously does not like her job and should either be retrained or look for something that doesn't have to do with customer service. Very unhappy about her attitude and lack of respect.

May 13, 2017

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