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Paid 1250.00 for 1 year hosting and to bulid a custome website for me. I was interviewed by a salesman promising me custom graphics and anything else I wanted for 1250.00. I gave him all of my information and was told they would handle it. It was all lost then I was asked for website's I liked and had to give them examples of what an appliance website repair and parts purchase should look like, so since they couldn't google sears or whirlpool to (common sense) to get an example I gave them 5 total websites. Then they gave me a pass and pin # to which I could recieve no emails at all until the website has been built. A few weeks went by and another rep called after 8pm and said I needed to fill out all this information, so basically I'm doing the work and the drag and drop text, I was pissed but I said fine, I did that and then they said the had no pictures, so I said you can't find a picture of some appliances on the internet and use those?? So I ended up finding them for them, I may as well have built it myself. So finally the logo guy calls Vao, he's nice I explain all this he says he's sorry, wants to build my logo. So I say your the professional design something and I'll tell you if I like it, he can't want's an example so we go through that, then he says I'll have it in 2 days, let me know ok I say. I get his email and say fine it will work, 3 weeks lated I get a call on what design he made that I liked I say I sent it 3 weeks ago if you didn't get it why didn't you call me? So at this point the logo isn't really what I want but I agree just to be finished so the project can move on. Then Mike emails me saying he doesn't know what to put on what page an I don't have enough to fill up 3 pages, so I get mad and say I used to care now I don't even care if I have a website anymore, So I tell him just forget it cancel it, you guys promised 2-3 weeks (per slippery salesman) and it's been 6 at this rate it will be a year by the time this is done. So Carlos calls me he knows I'm pissed says he needs to review it, 2 weeks rolls by no call from him, so have to call him again mind you everytime you call its a 40min wait and most of the times you get to leave a message at that point which I've dealt with all along. He emails me back because he's busy with a client 5 hours later for me to call the 40min customer service number. Bottom line I still have no refund and he has the gall to want to work this out and still create the site even though he knows I do not, like I've changed my mind. It's been almost 2 months I have no website I don't even have a link of coming soon which I was promised 7 weeks ago, so I am paying to advertise a dead link to no website. Their customer service is piss poor 40 min waits and you are called when they have nothing else better to do late at night makes you feel like a real important customer. I still have no refund, apparently only Carlos can handle this like I believe that, so I have had no service from or work to show from this place nothing and he is trying to tell me I will be charged for their work HAHA what a joke, everyday they wait I find another website or way to post what they did to me to warn others of their unprofessionalism. Stay away from heritagewebdesign aka they have a ton of BBB compliants against them and you can't talk to any upper management to get anything resolved they keep them out of the loop on what goes on, because I've asked to speak to CEO or President and they can't give me the information as usual!

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  • Yo
      13th of Apr, 2010

    You look like a #$%#%#$%#$%# jerk. If you can get a sears for $1250, I can get a Boeing 747 for $200

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  • Au
      4th of May, 2010

    Did you pay via paypal ? if yes how long ago because you may still be able to file a complaint and get a refund.

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  • Ma
      1st of Jun, 2010

    Im from san antonio tx, sadly enough went through exactly tthe same phase as yours, they call once in a blue moon and asked for more money, and has not done any, perhaps a logo i didn't even like and justt to say yes or else have to pay another $100.00 again with this vao guy who supposed to do logo and this mike edwards who seems to not care at all, they don't email you back or call you back even if you keep trying to get hold of them for a staright week, this chelsey vyuk tried talking about how great she was, the frontrunne, but zero performance, TALK ONLY, they said they want pictures, graphics all submitted still nothing done for almost 2 montths, ive finally said, ENOUGH!!! want money back and said no money back coz we've work for you!!!huh! no finish product just [censor] on phone, BEWARE!!!SCAMMMMMM!!!PEOPLE!!!need to report to consumer bureua working on that now

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  • 1m
      30th of Aug, 2010

    I am glad I came across this. I have been speaking to them for the past 3 weeks via persistent calls from them. I finally agreed and the rep said he was going to charge to my card on file which was strange, because I haven't given out any card yet. Now I get another email saying my card on file didn't go through and to contact them.
    I decided this morning to find out more about them and lo & behold this. I am a 1-Man carpet cleaning company with no secretary or employees. Can you imagine the trouble I will have been put through calling and chasing them for them to deliver all the good things they are promising. Thanks Guys for saving my life and that of my wife who has lost her job for the past 2 years and not been successful looking for one, with 3 kids - 4, 3, & 1 year old.

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  • Ja
      4th of Aug, 2011 - Takes money, doesn't do the work
    Jake Payne
    South Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 864-684-4544

    Is there really anything can be done? I got toasted for more than 2000 dollars. Doing the website myself now. The whole thing is not nice.

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