HiFi Corphisense fridge

I would like to lay a complaint against the delivery guys which were sent from Hifi Corp Atterbury.

The guys arrived at my place around 20h00, 1 of your guys told me that the Fridge will not fit in to the door I asked for a solution and his response was "We will try", they asked for a knife I gave it to them and they removed the package after removing the package they tried to slide the fridge in and they failed on their first attempt, after failing they asked if they can use the front door, I told them that we don't use that door and it's the same since with the kitchen door.

They asked for a blanket. I gave it to them. They removed the door handles to make the job easier for them. As soon as they pushed the fridge in I complained and showed the the scratches at the bottom of the fridge then they suggested that I buy a pray from Hifi Corp which will remove those scratches. I asked them again what the solution to this problem is!! They never even once suggested to take it back to the supplier all they wanted to do was to push the fridge inside the house.

Now as a customer how do I know what steps to take if the delivery professionals fail to do their job?? If they don't come up with solutions what was I supposed to do? They were complaining that its my fault they came late they were forced not to knock off because of me. Even suggested that I pay them for the effort since they are just delivery guys. I spoke to the store manager he says the guys job is to deliver, they should have left the fridge outside and it's my responsibility to call the supplier, at 8pm?? Really.

Please advise

Unhappy Customer

HiFi Corp
HiFi Corp
HiFi Corp
HiFi Corp
HiFi Corp

Jul 30, 2018

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