HH Greggcustomer service handling of extended warranty for my lg flat screen 32" tv

On December 26, 2016, I first made a call to HHGregg because my parent's TV had gone out. Basically, it appeared the led light bulb may have blown because the sound and everything was still working, but there was no picture. I was walked through various troubleshooting methods on the phone and none worked. The man on the phone said it would need to be sent out for repair, but that it would be free of charge thanks to our warranty...just expect to receive a box and return label from UPS in the next couple of days. I asked what the projected time table would be for this so that I could tell my Dad when he'd get his TV back (*on a side note, my Dad suffers from advanced progressive multiple sclerosis and is bedridden, so the TV is his only form of entertainment within his control). I was told the entire process should take 7-10 business days, so I figured 2 weeks. Boy were they WRONG!
After three days with no box/label delivered, I called again and was shocked to find out that a claim number was in the computer, but no other action had been begun. NO BOX OR LABEL HAD BEEN STARTED! The gentleman this time apologized and said he was updating the order and "expediting" it so that it would arrive within the next three-five business days. The box and label finally arrived on Wednesday, January 4 and I took my parent's TV off the wall mount and loaded it up and dropped it off at the UPS store the next morning. Hopefully, they'd get it within a few days, repair, and send it back within a week.
WRONG! Upon packing the TV, I took it upon myself to include the power cord to the TV. I truly believed that I was being pro-active in doing this since no one reminded me to include it and it only makes since that you would need this cord in order to TURN IT ON and work on it. However, after finally receiving it back on Monday, January 16, I was so excited to have it back for my Dad and strenuously worked quickly to install it back on the wall (no easy feat for a vertically challenged girl as myself). This was my downfall...I was so excited about installing it I failed to notice the most important piece missing...THE POWER CORD. Irony; I have a TV...but I have no means to use it and therefore don't know if it even works.
I immediately called the company AGAIN, and was rewarded with 53 minutes of the most mind-numbing Musiack a person can stand...only to be told their system was down and to try again "later"...yeah.
"Later", I called back and was redirected to so many different "helpers" and even given different numbers, that I was dizzy even though I hadn't left the safety of my parent's living room. Everyone seemed at loss as to how the power cord could be missing and furthermore, could not sanely figure out how to go about requiring one for us...seriously?! I would need to check back "later"...
On Wednesday, January 18, day 24 of the "Warranty Wars", I finally got hold of a nice young woman. I apologize that I don't remember her name because of this entire experience, she was the only compassionate and competent individual I dealt with. I explained my plight to her (much in the manner I have to you) and she was stunned. She immediately pulled her supervisor out of a conference call and they both began calling around trying to find a solution to this horrendous ordeal. After another hour of my life had passed in this purgatory-like existence on perpetual hold, she informed me of the biggest cannon blast of this Warranty War...their policy for an item that is under $300 (mine was $279.99), is that if all trouble shooting had failed, either a replacement or credit amount is given to the consumer. Let me make this clear...according to this brave young woman, I should NEVER HAVE HAD TO SEND THIS TV OFF TO BEGIN WITH! Within a week of the initial claim, I should have gotten a confirmation from HHGregg for the credit amount to be applied to a new or replacement TV. Once again, I thanked her for her help, asked when to expect this "credit" and was told 48-72 hours.
Let's now flash forward to Thursday, February 2nd. There has been no credit received yet, and my Mother had decided that my sarcastic yet patient attitude is over-rated and had now been on the phone all morning with various people. ln the end, we had to purchase a TV somewhere else because we live in Atlanta and wanted to see the NFC Championship and now the Super Bowl this weekend. The best we were told today we would receive is a credit/check for...get ready...$195! Not even the full value of the TV, not to mention the headache and permanent damage to my already high stress levels. Never in my life have I had to go through so many hoops (only to discover the hoops to this obstacle course should NEVER have occurred) and with extremely LITTLE resolve.
My end recommendation to anyone making purchases and being coerced into signing up for a warranty plan is this...DON"T! And if you must, get copies and make sure it is ready to get sent to WSB and Clark Howard for quick future reference and publicity. I will doubt that I will ever shop here again, but I will NOT be getting a warranty...ever.

Feb 02, 2017

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