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HH Gregg / no customer service!

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Bought an Hitachi Plasma. Had problems since day one. HH Gregg would not take it back and had to call Norman Electronics (some company they use for repairs) to repair. Over a month later, still no TV! HH Gregg seems to have no desire to do anything. I would NEVER shop at HH Gregg again in the future. They don't care at all about their customers. I wanted to shop at the new store on the block to give them a chance. So much for that.

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  • Hh
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    All of you like to blame a defective television or appliance on HHG. Since when is it the retailer's job to up hold the MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY, Since the Warranty is offered by the Manufacturer should you contact the Manufacturer to get your product fixed. I mean that only makes since. I wouldn't go to the McDonald's because my Whopper's Bun had mold on it. I would go to Burger King cause thats who made it. Now I am sure that at the time of purchase, your salesperson offered you an extend service agreement backed by GE, not an extended warranty but a extend service agreement. Do you know the difference? Difference is, that while best buy, circuit city, sears, home depot, lowes, and Rex sell you extended warranties, that follow the guidelines of the Manufacture for an extend amount of time, an Extended Service Agreement covers more than the Manufacture, things like power surges, trip charges, parts, labor, REPLACEMENT rather than Repair if the repair will cost more than the repair itself. The replacement is actually handed to you as an in store credit of the FULL purchase amount rather than a pro-rated value. In fact if you buy the service on a laptop computer, it even covers if you drop it, get mad hit the keyboard, or better yet you were looking at porn and got a virus. Sure it costs more than an extend warranty but don't you see why? Why didn't you purchase the extend service agreement, because deep down you would all would rather blame the retailer than blaming yourself. You all took a chance and got burnt, now you want HH Gregg to cover for your failure to listen to a salesperson trying to protect you? Yes, the salesperson gets paid a small amount for selling you a protection, some even call it peace of mind, but they also get paid for selling you the product itself. You won't find an hourly salesperson at HH Gregg, but you also will not find a salesperson that doesn't know about a product, or is a teenager that doesn't care whether your product will suit your needs. Stop blaming HH Gregg because you didn't want to protect yourself, HH Gregg gave you the chance, you were just too stupid to take it!

  • Ca
      25th of Jul, 2007
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    Okay so the person above obviously works for the idiots at HH Gregg and has no idea what is going on! Who would ever eat a Whopper bun at McDonalds and what in the world does that have to do with anything mentioned in the complaint?! Anyway, I Know exactly what you mean! Norman's wanted to come to my house and pick up my 65" TV and take it to their shop, I absolutely refused and they finally gave me another company I could call. That is correct, I had to call when it is not my job to do so. The customer service sucks and so does the rest of the company as far as I am concerned... the person above should research and then run his/her mouth... if anyone will listen to their nonsense! I just wanted to let you know for next time, you do not have to settle for Norman's you can refuse and get another repair service in your home who would be happy to repair your TV where it stands!!

  • Hh
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    ACTUALLY...!!! Why would you even try to take your whopper bun to McDonalds? You didn't buy it at McDonalds... You bought it at Burger King!! You would take it back where you bought it. Just what these people have done. And in fact, Burger King doesn't make their buns... they get them frozen from another company and then sell them to you with some burger on it. So what would you do if you went in burger king with you moldy whopper bun and they said, "that's not our problem. we just sold it to you. it wasn't made here. contact XYZ company, that's who made it" I worked at Burger King through high school so I know that THEY do not "manufacture" their buns. So your ridiculous point is just that, ridiculous!

    I currently work for a large company that sells supplies and equipment to dentists. When we sell a Dr a piece of equipment and it stops working 3 months later, we do the customer the service of assisting them with contacting the manufacturer and arranging for the repairs or replacement. Anything less would be unacceptable and our customers would go elsewhere. The customers never save their invoices, so WE do. When they need to show the manufacturer proof of when they purchased their items, we provide that to them. When a customer calls us upset because the equip they purchased stopped working 1 month after the warranty was up, we will negotiate with the manufacturer FOR them. We obviously take pride in what we sell and our reputation. It's also what we like to call CUSTOMER SERVICE. Obviously something HH Gregg is not familiar with after you take their products out the front door of the store. It's all about you until they make that sale. Then... well we all know or we wouldn't be here.

    So HH Gregg Salesperson... sorry to say, you seem to be just like all the rest of them. I say that with experience from dealing with the CLarksville, IN store as well as the Louisville distribution center.

    Of course, I am not even going to comment on GE Money Bank right now and their deceptive credit card practices that HH Gregg participates in.

  • Na
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    HH Gregg - Poor customer service
    United States

    My husband and I spent over $700 on a washer and dryer set. We were abandoned by our first salesperson (she had a meltdown in the breakroom over the computer system.) For over 30 minutes, we waited for her to return until someone finally told us she wouldn't be back. That person (the only helpful person in the store) helped us make our purchase and was gracious enough to give the commission credit to the first salesperson. Before we left, a SOLD sign was put on the washer. When we came back the next day, our washer had disappeared. Another one was ordered and when we went to get that one it had disappeared to. They did give us an upgrade at that point. I wanted to give the store some feedback because I considered the experience unpleasant and distasteful and it was a brand new store. Called the Customer Service number on the website. That person was nice but couldn't take any complaints. He told me I could voice my concerns at another place on the website. I went there and made a brief request for a phone call. Was told (via e-mail) to talk to the store I had the problem with. I told them I (via e-mail, never did get a phone call) that I would not call the store but I would not be giving them my business in the future. Haven't heard from them since.

  • Jo
      2nd of Jan, 2008
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    HH Gregg does not care about the customer... once you leave the store you are of no concern to them. I am still dealing with the same issue as the original poster. I bought a TV 15 months ago and took the bait on the service contract... which is through GE Services NOT the manufacturer. I have been given 3 different dates for the repairs to be completed and the latest date is still tentative ... Norman's Electronics blames it on getting the parts from the manufacturer. I talked to the Ops Manager at the local store who said that they would report my concerns to their Customer Relations group who would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours ... still waiting on that call. I called the customer support for GE and was told that they had no other obligation but to pay for the rapair when it was complete... they will not escalate or investigate on my behalf. I asked if there were other repair companies that could be used and she said that Norman's Electronics was their "approved" warrantee repair company and that if I found another company to do the work that they would not pay for the repair AND that it would void the warrantee. I plan on buying a $2 item a week from HH Greeg, that way I can tell everyone that's looking at the TV's how I have been treated so they don't make the same mistake I made. HH Gregg doesn't care about the customer once they get your money.

  • Ke
      10th of Jan, 2008
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    So funny. I sell cars for a Mitsubishi dealership. We don't make our customers send there cars to IL where most of them are manufactured. We fix the problem and take on full responsibility for the product we sell to continue a life long relationship with our customers. The idiot that works for HHGregg obviously does not care about referrals and repeat business. I would not even step foot into a HHGregg store again due to the fact their customer service is the biggest joke in a business could have. The few dollars you could save at HHGregg from negotiating for 6 hours you will save at Best Buy because there extended warranties are 1/3 the cost. Don't waste your time with these people.

  • Mi
      18th of Feb, 2008
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    I work at a retail store. Most of the time the problem comes from the manufacturer not wanting to replace and service the products. As a company you have to get the okay from them before you do anything. If you go ahead and fix or replace without there say so then the cost is on you. Just talking from a bussiness point why would you lose money. One pissed of guy to 10 happy guy is a win. Thats why they will go out of the way to fix small problems and not so much and bigger ones. Not saying thats right but what do you think a Giant company like Best Buy would do? Right same thing ALL COMPANY LOOKS AT IT THAT WAY. Now one thing I will say is call the main office in indy thats sometimes works.

  • De
      5th of May, 2008
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    I had similar issues with purchases from HH Gregg and told them I would never return, to which they basically said, "Ok." They can talk all they want but I have cost them now in excess of $12, 000 by encouraging friends and family to make purchases at other places. It has become a joy to help HH Gregg lose money. They didn't take me seriously when I told them our microwave was sparking. I took it in for service and was told there was nothing wrong with it. When I used it later, it caught on fire. The people at store level should put the same effort into getting their GED than they do trying to make their customers feel stupid.

  • Fi
      13th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have in my time made purchases from all the major retailers Sears best buy C.City. I see that the general public thinks that it is the companys thats at fault to fix there broken items thats what the manufacture warrantys are for . All of these companys have no service departments. In a perfect world nothing would break and it would all last forever. The manufacture is the one that must in the first year fix your problem not the retailer. Yes it sucks to wait to get your tv or appliance fixed and have to wait for parts that are on back order . But it is still not the retailers fault that the product broke things happen. Its nice to put blame on someone The MANUFACTURE IS THE ONES YOU SHOULD HOLD ACCOUNTABLE THEY MADE IT NOT THE REATILERS... I sure no that when my power windows broke on my chevy and the part was on back order they did not give me a new car I had to wait 3 weeks for a switch sucks for me but it was not my dealers fault. Yes customer service now a days sucks but the general public is so unrealistic in what they feel is right 10 day return 30 day return 5 day money back what ever it is it is after that point the product is yours and your problem . As far as extended warrantys thats up to you it helps some and some it wont if you see a value great if not great ... I would love to come to your companys and buy products from you and see what results i get. You all wants deals cut corners what ever nothing i buy breaks computers never break digital cams never break new hd tv never break and I no for sure appliances never ever ever break ... People grow up the manufactures are the one you need to be pissed at not the retailers... Now I am going to go fix my boat which is broke because of a bad hose which shorted out my electronics. Wow Idea maybe tuppens marine where i bought the boat should give me a new one !!!

  • Lo
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    the biggest problem with h.h.gregg is when they quit working on there tv's and let other small repair shops work on their extended service plans, and they do that customer last cause they are not cash customers. we have a 65 inch tv and it was bought 2006 four months after we bought it it quit working, we had to call gregga and they had us call this I.A.Electronics and they said it would be a bit and wanted us to tell them what was wrong and what part to order, like we had to get the book out and read trouble guide& guess, well it took over a month to order and repair, which took 10 minutes. now two years later same problem and it is going on a month to repair &they had to back order the partand did not even tell us what was going on, and if we wanted it done sooner call the company that we bought it from and see if they can get the part sooner.
    very unhappy customer, will not buy tv.again what happen when its three times do they take it back and exchange or give money back like over 3, 510.95 uh???????????????

  • Br
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    Just to let you buy has the best extended plan ever...its called geek squad black tie protection. it's 4 years and it includes a bunch of things like calibration, temporary 37" tv incase yours is being repaired..AND if they dont get the parts in 14 days they replace your tv with a BRAND NEW one... it's much better than any other extended warranty and the cool thing is they are the only other company in the universe who have that exact plan with those me after months of research its the best. btw i dont work at best buy..

  • To
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    HHGregg - No customer service
    United States

    I purchased an $250.00(cash) for an open boxed camcorder for my ministry. Because it was an open box I specifically asked the associate that sold it to us about the return policy. I asked will I be able to get a refund if I am not happy with it or something is wrong with it. He said Oh sure! you have 10 days no problem just keep your sales receipt, and we will give you a full refund. After I got the camera home and checked it over good I realized it did not have a feature I really needed so I decided to return it back to the store. To my surprise the cashier informed me that she could only give me $100.00 of my money now and mail the rest in 7 to 10 days. Needless to say I was very upset since they did not have another camera with the feature we needed that would fit our budget. The cashiers response to me was the policy is on the back of the receipt. I explained to her that I had asked the sales associate about the return policy before I purchased the camera, and that he had told me I could get a full refund, and that he did not mention anything about the policy stating that I could only get a portion of my money back, and have to wait for the rest to be mailed. And also that I did not have any way of knowing what was on the back of that receipt until after I made my purchase. Once again she stated it is on the back of your receipt. At that time I asked to speak to the store manager (Chris).

    I explained the transaction to Chris, and his response was the same (it's on the back of the receipt) at that time I explained to Chris that I had no way of knowing whats on the back of the receipt until after I make the purchase. I also told him I that the sales associate should have told us when we asked the day we purchased the camera. Chris at that time said in a rude tone I do not have time to take 30 minutes to explain our return policy, and he walked off.

    I told the cashier that he was rude, and that I would never shop HHGregg again. I informed her that their return policy stinks, and that they should post it where customers can see it before they make their purchase. That it wrong to not inform a customer of the return policy before the purchase.

    I called customer service to make a complaint about Chris and his rude careless attitude, poor customer service, and their return policy and their method of informing or not informing the customer until after the purchase has been made. I got the same treatment from them the lady was rude and insisted that the return policy is on the back of the receipt. PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME WHATS SO HARD ABOUT UNDERSTANDING THAT THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT SEE THAT BLESSED RECEIPT UNTIL (AFTER) THEY HAVE MADE THE PURCHASE!!!

    I could not seem to get these people to understand that. I think it is wrong, it is deceptive, and misleading to not inform their customers that they will not receive all the refund at the time of return if it is over 100.00.

  • Jo
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    You should read the entire receipt before signing that you are taking the item with you, and agree with the terms and conditions. There's only so much room on the front of the receipt for text. The stores are also supposed to have a sign displayed at the register explaining the entire refund policy.

    The reason for limiting cash returns to $100 is for safety. Deposits are are made daily, or filled out and put away in a safe over weekends that only management has access to. Any large cash transactions, or after enough small transactions have accrued, it has to be logged and placed out of the register. The registers just don't hold enough cash to be able to do large returns, and be able to make change when needed. I work in a city that isn't exactly known for being the safest, and I'm glad that this is generally public knowledge, in the hopes that I won't ever have to be involved in a robbery.

    I understand the frustration of not being able to get your money back as soon as you return the product, and I'm really am sorry for that, but it protects you as well. I've seen someone who stole a laptop, and the receipt was kept in the bag with it. They tried to return it, but didn't when they were told the money would be sent via a check to the name and address on the receipt, and we needed their drivers license number to verify who they were. The actual owner called two days ago, and police now have the suspect on security footage.

    For what it's worth as a low level employee of Hhgregg, I'm sorry for the experience you had, and of course there is no excuse for the rudeness that anyone gave you.

  • Pa
      18th of Mar, 2010
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    Try your magic at Best Buy or Walmart. Long live the Devil!

  • Si
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    Buy the extended warranty/service plan. And shut up. The retailer is the middle man, selling you a product that is manufactured by someone else. The retailer gives you the tools to resolve the issue, and in some cases assist you. You can blame no one but yourself for not wanting to shell out the extra money to protect your investment. it's call CYA - COVER YOUR ###.

  • Bi
      3rd of May, 2010
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    Well i do work for hh gregg, ive been with the company and i do agree the service plans are a bit expensive. We have also switched to N.E.W. who is also the #1 service provider in the nation. There are ways to get things done. 1. if you dont get the service you need, always speak with the General manager 1st. if that doesnt work, then contact corperate. No one else at the store level has much authority. But you do need to get a warranty. If you do that they NOW will bend over backwards to help you if you have it. we switched 2 years ago to new because GE was terrible. I feel your frustration and i hate it for you this happend. call corporate and be persistant.

  • Pa
      4th of Jul, 2010
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    Hello, My husband and have been in your store several times. The very first time was with my mother to help her select a television. She ended up with an LG 42"HDL TV and has been very satisfied. A Mr. Troost waited on us and was polite and very informative, however 6 months ago my husband and I went back to your store to buy a 52' TV for our home and no one acknowledged us when we walked in or while we were there which was about 20 minutes, so we left. About 2 months later we went in to look at refrigerators and a laptop computer. Again, no one wecomed us in to your store, so we looked around a bit at the computers and I finally found someone to help us. I even asked if Mr. Troost was there, the young man that was attempting to help us with a computer said Mr. Troost had been promoted to a manager of another store. How lucky for the store that got him. We noticed that only 3 or 4 customers were even in the store at the same time as us but the sales help were standing around in the center of the store just joking around, no business was taking place. They truly appeared to not care that customers were in the store. I knew more about computers than the young man waiting on us. We thanked him for his time and left. Last week we thought we would give hh greg one more chance to prove us wrong on customer service. We drove about 20 miles to your store in Lakeland and again we were not acknowledged by any staff. We were there to buy that 52' TV that we had looked at 6 months ago. There was a saleman helping a couple with a TV and he could have said any thing to us to make us feel welcomed, he didn't even look our way. So we kept hoping someone would soon see us and offer assistance. Never happened. So after 25 minutes on our way out the door I happen to see a young woman with a red shirt on and I asked if she workrd there, she said she did and I told her I wanted to say a few things about our experience the last 3 times we had been in to purchase something. She listened intently and then told us to tell the manager and pointed to him. I told her that he and I had made eye contact several times that day in hopes that he would send us help. He did not, so I told her we would never be back in hh greg again and that they lost what could have been a very good customer and I will share my experience with other people. The store is located off of North Florida Ave behind what used to be Barns and Nobles Books.

  • He
      6th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    You recieved your refund in full just like he said. The sales associates can't sit there and expalin the way everything works yo every customer or we'd have more people on this site complaining about not being helped. Everything you needed to know was on the back of your reciept so... problem? I see none!

  • He
      12th of Jul, 2010
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    Your wasting your time explaining this to them because this is a fake complaint. The same complaint word for word was posted a couple months before this from a different user name. Other competitors put fake complaints up on these sites to increase sales in there store. Don't get me wrong there are a few of these storys that are true but only a few out of the numerous one on here. This one is fake and not very well thought out either.

  • Go
      25th of Aug, 2010
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    Retail is a fickal beast. Having worked in a retail environment for 20 years, I think I am qualified to make the following statement. In our society, there are two facts that stand out. One being, it is in our nature to criticize far more than to praise. In that regards, I have seen many examples of great service in retail that far out numbers complaints, but are seldom reported. The other is we live in an instant gratification mindset but lack a retail system that can seldom live up to this demand. Case in point, people want what they want, when they want regardless of whether the request is reasonable. So, as long as there is a retail environment of some kind, there will be those who love them and those who don't regardless of good or bad service. So, continue to hate hhgregg, best buy, sears (whom I personally hate), home depot, fill in the retailer here. It makes little difference. Remember, a retailer is not a public area. When you walk through their doors, you are guest of that company and as such, are fair game to whatever style of selling they choose. If you don't like a particular style, find a retailer you do like. You are not a prisoner and do not have to spend your money there. Just remember, no business can have a totally flawless record. As long as people are imperfect, so will any business in which people interact. Also, it is wonderful that we can live in a country that allows so many different points of views, but that doesn't mean that your way is the way it should be done.

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