Hertz / wrongful credit card charge

Bucharest (International Airport), Romania


Rental Office: Bucharest Henry Coanda International Airport, Romania
Rental Date: April 27, 2017
Rental Agreement [protected] (attached Picture 3 & 4)
Vehicle: Ford Focus, License Plate "B 51 DLA", mileage 95, 000 km


At pickup, neither the clerk at the desk nor the attendant in the garage was able to specify the type of fuel for the respective vehicle. I called the next day, but nobody was able to give me this information either.

There was no label indicating the fuel type on the key-tag (Pictures 1 & 2) or in or on the car.

When I needed to refuel the car, I asked the gas station attendant to inspect the car and determine the type of fuel (gasoline or Diesel). He did so but guessed wrong, and fueled the car with gasoline. I was able to drive to the hotel, then the engine did not start any more.

The Hertz employee who took over the car was aware that I had not been informed of the type of fuel at pick-up, and made a note to that effect in the Vehicle Condition Report (attached Picture 4).

The transliteration in Romanian language of the official report written by the Hertz employee is:
"A fost alimentata full benzina / Nu a primit informatii la pickup in privinta

The English translation of this report is:
"It was fueled with gasoline in full / Did not receive information at pickup
regarding the fuel type."

In doing so, the Hertz representative took responsibility for the incident and admitted in writing the irregularity committed by the rental office.

However my credit card was charged 546.39 Euros (CAD $867.45).

This seems to be an abusive overcharge meant to hide negligence and irregularities at the Bucharest Airport Rental Office. However it could be just clerical error since the Hertz representative admitted in writing the mistake committed by the rental office (Picture 4).

In any case I am demanding the reimbursement of the unjustified charge of CAD $867.45 on the ground that the incident was clearly caused by the Hertz personnel.

Radu Savulian
9 Justus Drive
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9Z4

Jun 22, 2017

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