Hertzvery poor customer service

have had following problems with hertz in Dallas and Midland
1) making a reservation seems pointless. They never seem to have the car you book. During my last stay I had 3 cars. Not one of them was the car I originally reserved.
2) for the second time in two months a car needs maintenance less than a week into rental. This despite the fact that the booking was for 6 weeks + on both occasions. They ask for the mileage when you return the car. You have to wonder why.
3) The staff are immediately defensive and eager to deny any responsibility. Nobody has ever said 'sorry' for Hertz myriad shortcomings. Staff seem to be wholly disinterested in whatever inconvenience Hertz has caused.
I am sadly stuck with Hertz as they are my employers preferred choice. I will be trying to get this changed.

Jan 14, 2017

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