Hertzrenting a car at myliniti, lesvos greece

The Hertz agent at the airport physically confronted me regarding a damage rental car. When I brought the scraped car in 2 days after renting the car, the agent would not let me contact my insurance company to report the issue. When I told him I needed to let USAA know about the damage he came out from behind the counter, grabbed my shirt sleeve and would not let me call. He continued to harass me and I did not know what he would do next I so I stepped back away and let him do whatever he wanted. I told me to get back to counter while he "assessed" the damage according to a guide he produced and told me I needed to pay the $743 for the damage. I paid the amount and then he told me I needed to rent another car which I did. There is more. I just returned to the states and need you to contact me soonest.
It is my intention to process this issue with other agencies, however I want to give Hertz an opportunity to take the action necessary to correct this issue.

Nov 29, 2018

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