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Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
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Have a rental car through their Ubar Rental program. The car needed jump starting back on 5/9/17. I called roadside assistance and they had AAA come out and test the battery and jump start my rental car. The battery had a bad cell. And suggested I take the car back to Hertz for an exchange. Hertz said I'd have to take the car back to the location I got it from. I didn't have time to do it then so I waited until I had time.

So on 5/12/17, I called the rental car location 4 hours before they closed and told them I'd be bringing in the car that day for an exchange. They said they'd take care of it. When I finally got to the location, traffic, accidents all over the place and such it was at 5:45pm. 15 minutes before they closed. I stood in line and waited my turn. When I got to the counter, the man told me that they had no cars to exchange with me. They had just rented their last Ubar program car to a guy who was in front of me but had to get some money issue resolved and was now behind me in line.

Not having a car to give me they didn't offer me any other car. And told me I was stuck with this car. And the battery problem. Which now needed constant jump starting, due to the battery being bad. I stepped outside to call customer service and to get my cell phone charger. When the office locked the door behind me.

I called customer service roadside assistance and they said they could jumpstart me one more time but that's it. After that I'd have to be charged for any further roadside assistance. I asked if I could take the car to another location and get it exchanged. They said this is not their department and said I had to call and talk to someone else. So I took down the number and called customer service. Who then transferred me back to roadside assistance. Roadside assistance said they could jump start me and since this was a mechanical problem I wouldn't be charged for any further jump starts. I took down the employee's name Patrick and his employee number. They again sent out AAA. And again AAA said the battery was bad.

All Hertz wants me to do is talk to the location. I did that yesterday when I brought the car in. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen. Especially paying for a rental car that is not running. And needing jump starting over and over again.

May 13, 2017

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