Hertzno show for pick-up

On Thursday 5/10/18 I called Hertz and set an appointment for a pick up on Friday 5/11/18 @ 11:30 am @ Professional Body Works located in Abbeville. I arrived at PBW at 11:30 and no one from Hertz was there. I assumed they were on the way. I gave my keys to the body shop man and then we went inside (as it was hot) to wait on Hertz. After about 10 minutes of waiting inside (it's now about 11:45) the man at the body shop offered to call Hertz. He did this from his cell phone and speaker phone. The woman answered and said : Ummm I can send someone now, the man told her that he didn't know if I had time to wait (as it is about a 20 minute drive) since I was on my lunch break and he was ready for lunch. I told him to tell her that I would just call and reschedule. I got in my car and before I got out of the driveway the lady from Hertz was calling, I ask her why she wasn't there to pick me up, and told her that I had now spent my entire lunch break plus extra. She said that she didn't show up because she didn't have the correct phone number for me and believe it or not that she had 2 other customers the day before with the same last name. She said that they have a lot of no-shows and since she couldn't get in touch with me she didn't send anyone. I told her that this was a total disregard of my time and very unprofessional. She apologized and said she would give me a free upgrade. I told her I wasn't interested in a free upgrade that I just needed to get my car in the shop and get my rental. She said she was willing to help me in any way she could. So I told her that I would run and grab me some lunch, call my work and tell them that I would be later than expected and she could pick me up in about 30 minutes. She then told me that she had already sent the person home, that just 10 minutes prior was coming to pick me up and she would have to call and see if he could come back, so I told her to call him. She called me right back and told me she could not help me today. I called State Farm to report this and the man told me that he would report this to his direct contact at Hertz and get me a phone number for complaints. He called me back later and said that his direct contact was going to report my complaint. I told him that I would like to talk to someone and he said he would let the direct contact at Hertz know this. I never heard from Hertz or SF again Friday. I also ask State Farm if I could use Enterprise (they also have location in Greenwood) . I was told that it would cost me out of pocket money as SF has a rental agreement with Hertz. At this point I am not willing to pay any of my money for a rental. SF may want to reconsider this for the Greenwood SC location. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!
On Monday morning I called Hertz to arrange for me to pick up my rental Monday evening after I get off work at 5. I was told that they only had SUV's available but that I could get one of those. At 5:20 I went to Hertz to pick up my rental, I was told that they had one car but it did need to be vacuumed but that just meant I would not have to vacuum it out when I returned it, or I could get a clean SUV. I told her that I was not willing to pay for an upgrade and that I didn't know if state farm would or not. She told me that SF would not and that if I didn't want to pay for the upgrade then the car would be what I had to get. So she took me out to the car, she walked around and took pictures of the outside and then took pictures of the mileage and or gas. She then looked at the condition of the inside and stated she didn't know what had happened but she wasn't the one to check in the car. There are stains/dirt all over the front and back seats, the floorboard needing vacuuming was the least of the issues. She then went inside and came back out with some Clorox type wipes and wiped out the seats (which did not help the situation). She stated that she was working by herself and that if I wanted to leave the car or bring back the car Tuesday morning that she would have someone clean it ( this would have meant 3 trips for me to pick up 1 rental) I at this point have already used 1 hour vacation trying to get the rental, so I told her I could not do that. Customer service has been nonexistent for me at Hertz. I called State Farm again after leaving and told then once more to reach out to the point of contact at Hertz and to have them contact me.
I called SF again Tuesday (5/15) and spoke with someone that after a while said she could call and see if Enterprise could set me up in a comparable car and we could do that at no cost to me. I expressed my concern of what I feel to be lack of concern from SF about the treatment of Hertz . I realize that only I have been directly affected by Hertz treatment and lack of customer service but do think SF should be more active in getting Hertz to deal with this matter. I was given an 800 number that I could call. I will be turning in the Hertz car 5/16/18 and picking up a car from Enterprise. I am doing this because of the lack of Customer Service and the treatment from Hertz.
As of 5/16/18 I still have not received a call from Hertz. Please note that I still want this matter dealt with. I have spent in total at least 5 hours of my time trying to get a satisfactory rental car. This estimate includes all the phone calls (to SF and Hertz), the time that I wasted on Friday 5/11/18 for a pick up from Hertz, going to get the car and now returning the car.
I have pictures of the inside of the rental given to me from Hertz.
On 5/16/18 I returned to car to Hertz. The lady working there (Kim) ask me if I was the lady that called and complained about my rental being dirty. I told her yes. She said: well I guess my boss called you? I told her no that I had not heard from her boss. She said she hated that the car was dirty. I ask her if she was the one that was supposed to pick me up on the previous Friday and didn't show up. She said no that she had been off because she had a grand baby that was born. I ask her if her boss mentioned anything about that. She said no. She said that the lady working would have been Cassie and that Cassie should have closed up the store and come and picked me up. She said if I ever need a rental in the future she would like to try and make it up to me that she could maybe give me a discount or something?? . During the checkout process she asked me if I wanted to give my email address because Hertz would send me a survey about my rental. I believe she didn't want me to but I told her yes and gave her my email address. I have not gotten an email or a call from her boss yet.
I can't help but wonder why her boss did not ask her about the no-show on Friday. The car shouldn't have been dirty but I can understand that, in that maybe you didn't have enough time to clean it, she could have offered one of the clean vehicles but didn't. BUT the biggest problem is the NO SHOW FROM HERTZ on the Friday before. Almost a week later and I have not received a call yet!!! NO SHOW and NO CONCERN
I am hoping to hear form someone

Please call if you have any questions as some things have been left out or maybe not understood in an email. I would like for SF to assist me with this and also make sure that Hertz calls me.
I would say that now I have spent about 7 hours of my time dealing with this and trying to handle regionally.

May 30, 2018

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