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Hertz / management at dca location

1 Arlington, VA, United States
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I was hired on 6/13/16 a a CSR. Since that time 9 employees QUIT. I'm one of the ONLY employees who legitimately makes revenue for the company and myself. On numerous occasions I have witnessed things that I know are against company policy. I said nothing but did mention in a corporate survey that I feel that my employer created a hostile work environment for me. On 11/5/16 I was scheduled to work 6-2:30 am..after 10:30 I was the ONLY HERTZ EMPLOYEE CLOCKED IN and present at the location. (No IR, dispatch, counter rep, manager, security) A lady and her husband come in the booth livid because they had been getting the run around from hertz all day and wanted a full refund and replacement vehicle. I informed her I could replace her vehicle but didn't have the authority to zero balance her contract and could give her a gift certificate. I was called stupid multiple times and told the certificate can't plug the hole in the tire or give her back her wasted day. I told her I'm not going to let her speak to me like that. Her husband tells me he's a lawyer and what am I going to do? At this point I pick u HERTZ PHONE TO CALL MY MANAGER PORCHE AND THE LADY REACHED OVER AND CLICKED THE PHONE. I put her contract back on the counter and told the to leave now before I call airport police. She took her contract and keys threw them in my face and then I called police and unfortunately argued with the customer til police arrived. They posted a video online saying I said I was closed and didn't work there. I REPEATEDLY TOLD THE CUSTOMER THEY WERE LIARS. I'm beyond amazed at how many times I called ALL MY MANAGERS AND NOBODY BUT ONE CALLED ME BACK AND THAT WASNT UNTIL AFTER POLICE WERE ALREADY THERE. This incident also happened after my first night on night shift alone two men threatened to spit in my face and management promised I wouldn't ever be left alone again. I came to work today to get suspended because the customers recorded my reaction and submitted it online. I asked my boss did he want the police report he said no he doesn't needed and didn't want to hear what happened he wanted a statement for HR. Once again cares nothing about employee safety ONLY the perception given to corporate. That location is truly the worst establishment I have ever been employed at and I'm coming from Avis there. They didn't even have the courtesy to CALL AND MAKE SURE I WAS OK. Airport police escorted the couple off the premises and sat there with me til I clocked out. Please send someone from corporate to that location immediately

Nov 6, 2016

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