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West Palm beach, FL, United States
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I rented a car, got to pick up location and they could not print out the contract. For 2 hours they made calls and kept trying to fix problem. I asked 3 times to just cancel reservations and they asked me to hold on they got it fixed...3 times. Finally, they hand wrote the contract.
The next day I go outside to a flat tire and the car won't start.
Road side assistance refused to come out unless I paid 80.00 dollars.
So my only other option was to change the tire myself, risk my life and the lives of others since I never changed a tire Hertz is happy to place everybody's lives in danger rather than send out assistance to fix tire and get car to start.
If the tire comes off at 70 miles an hour and people die, this is my testament that I called roadside assistance, spoke with Christine, 6:04pm 5/7/17 and recorded that call and I always record with my phone what I'm told at counter.So there is 2 video recordings, 1 is audio from call on speaker to prove this.
Hertz doesn't mind costing people their lives rather than being responsible for their vehicles care, maintenance and safety.
Pray I live and any drivers near me.

May 7, 2017

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