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All, I can say is that my credit card was charged already before they informed me. Since my car got totaled and they had provided me rental after discussing with the insurance company, I confirmed with them they should not charge me anything on the rental since insurance company will be paying for the totaled car. I even asked them to verify with the insurance company regarding the basic charges which the insurance company would pay so that I am not charged anything more on that.. They confirmed and then only I took the car rental from them. They made me sign some documents which is the usual procedure for them while giving car rental and since I had just come out of a car accident, I abided by everything they said. Little did I realize that later on, when they had a dispute with the insurance company and could not recover the full charge, they went ahead and deducted the amount from my credit card which they already have it in their possession. I filed a complaint and argued with them for sometime, but it seems they had a clear cut statement that, in their small print on the signed car rental document, it is written that if they cannot recover from insurance company they will charge the customer.
I was really vexed with their attitude in the way they treated the customer complaint as well as the customer during such a tiring time when I was going through such a rough patch of my car getting totaled. It was a harrowing experience dealing with them and the whole saga taught me one thing. One should not deal with such companies who don't have customer interest as their first priority and try to squeeze out money in any way possible with their samll prints in the documents which they hold it loudly on customer's face when they get down to their lowest level of charging customers wrongly..
I have not recovered my dues from them and have decided that in my life I will never again take a rental from Hertz. Thought of sharing this saga with you all so that you don't get caught in their trap the way I did.. Such companies should not allow to flourish. We individuals who have no collective voice can make a difference by joining hands and sharing our saga so that no other customer faces such a situation again and these type of companies are forced to change their ways of dealing with the customer.

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  • Vb
      Jun 24, 2009

    I got one better than that. Hertz denied me the displeasure of renting a vehicle because they felt that my credit score was not good enough. They then proceeded to charge my debit card for a rental that they denied me the use of. To add insult to injury, when I called to demand my money be reimbursed ASAP, they debited an additional $50.00. I am on my way to the St. Paul MN Police Station to file theft charges. Their actions, including their reluctance to answer their phones has caused me to investigate and I have concluded that this is a pattern with them. They find any way they can to rip people off.

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  • Tw
      Aug 05, 2009

    Sorry hunni! But, if your insurance company refuses to pay Herts, you are responsible to pay for the rental. That is your problem with your insurance company, not Hertz's!

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