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Nija hicks
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I rented a car from hertz on york st in aiken, sc on 1/18/2017 for $45.10 which was prepaid. I was told that a $200 hold would be placed on my debit card and returned as soon as I returned the car on 1/19/2017. On 1/19/2017 I returned the car within 24 hrs. It was before 5pm, they close at 6pm. The office was located inside a "body shop" hertz's office was closed when I arrived before closing. An employee from the body shop said, "he left, I don't know if he's coming back. You can write down the mileage on the car, & i'll give it to him. " I asked her about the hold on my account, she said she did not know how that would be worked out. I wrote the mileage on a sticky note with my name and phone number on it. When I getting ready to leave, an employee from hertz showed up. I gave him the keys and the note with the mileage on the car. He said the $200 hold would be returned when the transaction was "closed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Aiken, SC " on 1/20/2017 I checked my bank account and saw a "negative" figure and another $100 had been deducted from my account. The hertz employee states he didn't know where that came from and to call the billing department. I call the billing dept, they stated the extra $100 was for turning the car in late. I told her I returned the car within 24 hrs and the staff was not there when I returned it. She told me to call my bank and have it reversed. I did, and they reimbursed the $100 dollars. To make a long story short, a $45.10 car rental turned into a $312.00 problem. The $200 hold fee was not told to me when I made the reservation on line. It's going to take 5-7 days for my money to be returned when it didn't take 5-7 days for them to take it out of my account. I feel violated. Money was taken out of my account without my authorization and I don't appreciate it!! This issue has caused me to have to pay overdraft protection fees and cancel my plans! I am so dissatisfied and disgusted with hertz!!! Never again will I do business with that company! I feel I should be compensated for my complete and utter aggravation!

Jan 20, 2017

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