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I bought a car about 2 months ago from Heritage Mitsubishi. It was used. The salesman were unusually pleasant to deal with. The whole experience was almost enjoyable. They worked with us to get the payments we wanted. There were a few issues with the car that they promised to fix (broken cd player, cracked spoiler) and the car only came with one key. We were told it had a 100, 000 mile warranty. Fast forward a month and I put the key in the ignition, and the remote breaks off of the key. So we try to start the car with just the metal key in the ignition. It wont come on. Apparently its a security feature of the car. So we jam the key back into the remote and carefully turn the car on. We drive to the dealership and tell them that we need a new key. They tell me that it will cost 80.00 for a new remote shell. I tell them that since I have only had the car for a month, I don't think that I should have to pay for it. They talk to my salesman, they talk to the manager, none of them will approve it, so I leave mad. I call and speak to my salesman to see why he wouldn't approve it. He asks me "If you had a flat tire would you want us to replace it?" Um no. Tires aren't made by Mitsubishi. My key and remote are. They need to stand behind the products they represent/sell. He actually hung up on me. So I waited a day to cool down ( I was MAD!) then I called to speak to the manager. I told her how happy I was with the car buying process but how disappointed I am in the customer service after the car purchase. She agrees with me and offers to sell me the key at cost and to work on getting the other things fixed. She tells me she will call me with the price for the key. I never hear back. Fast forward two weeks and the remote completely breaks into several pieces so I am forced to go buy another. I get there and my file has disappeared in their computer system. It takes over 30 minutes for them to find me in the computer. Finally, thanks to the one nice guy in the service department (the manager of service is rude), I get my key. I still haven't heard back about the other things getting fixed on my car. I really enjoyed this car when I first got it, now, with the way that I have been treated by the dealership, the car is no longer fun and stress-free.

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      Nov 02, 2010

    UPDATE************** One month after this fiasco, I received a check in the mail reimbursing me for the cost of the key. They didn't try to contact me or anything. Just sent the check. I was very pleased and surprised. I guess there is someone at this dealership that is trying to do right by the customer. Good for them!

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